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[Skincare] The natural and organice skincare, BEYOND Angel Aqua for Dehydrated, Combo and Sensitive Skin


If you are looking for a skincare that using natural and organic ingredients
and in a worthy-jumbo size, this post is specially made for you! ๐Ÿ˜Š

BEYOND is not a stranger in my blog coz I have recommended their body care to you girls. This brand is a Korean specialist for body care products and now they have extended to face care.

What so special about BEYOND is they are focused on the eco-friendly and ethical approach where the ingredients are always made from organic and natural ingredients with paraben-free and cruelty-free.

In this post, I would like to review on their face care, BEYOND Aqua Angel Skincare that is especially good for dehydrated, oily-combination and sensitive skin. And what so good about this? The size is JUMBO! Yes! It means you pay less earn more especially if you make a product as day and night routine.

Before heading to the single product review, I want to speak out their main ingredients first. In Aqua Angel Range, they have Angel's Tears Extract and Mineral Sprout Water.

Angel's Tears Extract (I love the name๐Ÿ’“) is actually a cascading plant with tiny, round leaves that can only be found in clean and uncontaminated areas. It has the benefits of sebum control, helps moisturise and soften rough skin texture and has high antioxidants, anti-flammatory and anti-bacterial.

I think everyone knows sprout packs full of amazing benefits but it actually rich of nutrients properties as it can help the skin retain its vitality and youth. Broccoli, Rape Flower and Canola Seeds are germinated for 5 days in hot spring water from Spau, Belgium. This maximises the potential of these sprouts by up to 3 times before the concentrated sprout energy is extracted!

Okay, let's move on every single product! ๐Ÿ˜™

BEYOND Angel Aqua Range
• Angel Aqua Big Toner - MYR 99 / 500ml
• Angel Aqua Cream - MYR 130 / (150ml x 2) 
• Angel Aqua Cica Cream - MYR 130 / (150ml x 2) 

My verdict: ★★★★★
I love this toner! Can you see the size? It's 500ml in a jumbo bottle. To be honest, when I got this toner, this immediately become my daily day favorite toner just because of the ingredients is natural and organic which means is mild enough while still provide good moisturizing level to my skin. Second is I don't wash my face in the morning so I can go generous to wipe off the oil and dirt from my face without feeling burning my money. Plus the packaging is a pump-opening so it is convenient enough to take out a cotton pad and just start my fresh day.

This super-mild toner instantly soothes sensitivity and balances the complexion – TECA (Titrated Extract of Centella Asiatica) boosts collagen synthesis for firmer skin, while Alllantoin Panthenol soothes sensitivity and prevents moisture loss. The phenoxyethanol- and PEG-free formula also provides extra peace of mind.

- Soak cotton pad with BEYOND Angel Aqua Toner and place to the face for 5 minutes
- You can even store some in a spray bottle to mist over skin whenever needed!

My verdict: ★★★
Lightweight, cooling and fast absorption is the my first impression when I apply BEYOND Angel Aqua Cream. It really stated like what it say, hydrating and suitable for oily-combination skin. Yes! Eventho I am dry-combination skin but I like it. It has a very pleasant smell too.

Awarded the title of “No.1 Hydrating Cream”*, this super-sized 150g jar contains a lightweight, non-oily soothing cream with 70.1% Mineral Sprout Water, making skin vitalized and soft! Organic Babassu Butter and Ceramide provide long-lasting moisture.

- You can use this as a sleeping mask

My verdict: ★★
BEYOND Angel Aqua Cica Cream is unlike regular cica creams, which are heavy and thick. The texture is soft and easy absorb cream-gel quite surprising me. I like how lightweight of this cica cream. It leaves the skin pleasant soft and soothing sensation. I am enjoying this cica cream so far. ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“

Free from 7 harmful additives (fragrance, coal tar dye, ethanol, mineral oil, paraben, animal-derived oil, sulfate), skin is intensely hydrated with Macro and Micro Hyaluronic Acid. The cica cream is also enriched with TECA and Alllantoin Panthenol.

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