Friday, September 21, 2018

[Aesthetic] 25 years old Birthday's gift for myself | Filler, Botox & Ultheraphy Enhancement

Wuhoo~ I'm back to this blogging space. Hope you guys still remember this dusty place haha.
Just a side sharing that I just passed my 25 years old birthday. Time flies like rocket but I am having so much fun on my birthday celebration. Wee~

Anyway, today's blogpost is to share my experience of my new face enhancement. If you already followed me on social media or blog a long time, then this is not a big fresh news anymore because I did some aesthetic before. But then, I stopped for 2 years and back with new enhancement again. Why? I'll explain later below.

This time I went quite farther. It is not on certain part but the whole face. The first thing I did is Ultherapy which is non-invasive skin tightening and lifting procedure stimulates collagen production, without surgery or downtime. I did Ultherapy on my lower part part and neck area. The reason I did this treatment is because obviously I want to build collagen back to my face even though you might think I am too young for this. Everything should start early because it is too late just like anti-aging. The real meaning of anit-aging is to prevent it before it “happens”, not only start when the sign of aging starts to show.

The second thing I did is filler. Filler is not a fresh thing happen on me. To make it simple, filler is reshaping, just like when you wish to enhance your feature without undergo the knife. To be honest, I went quite far for filler this time. I did nose filler as my nose bridge is back to the low bridge again, then brow, jawline, cheek, forehead and a tad touch on the chin too.

I had a pure toxin injection on my jaw muscles to weaken my muscles and have a slimmer face. * A next generation, pure botulinum toxin, free from complexing or unnecessary  proteins. Ask your doctor  for more information. 

Let's be honest, everyone end up for aesthetic is because want to be prettier. Me too! I wish to be prettier as well and aesthetic is another great way to enhance the feature without undergo the knife. Even though workout and diet can helps to slim down the face but it doesn't change the appearance just like filler do. An example like my upset upturned nose shape to higher nose bridge, at least I look great from my side view which can't be archive even after workout.

Anyway, the another reason is if you read my previous blogpost (here), I have the biggest insecurities on my nose shape and I hate my jaw fat.  This is the two parts that I always finding a way to solve this problem but I wish not undergo the knife if possible. That's the reason why I start my aesthetic journey.

Here's my story. I went to Clique Clinic located at  Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya. Overall, it was a nice experience with the team and I am great the doctor is helpful enough to helps me solve my problem and giving his professional advise to me.

The first treatment I did was Ultherapy which is non-invasive skin tightening and lifting procedure that stimulates collagen production, without surgery or downtime. I did on the lower part of my face and little on neck is because doctor told me that I start to lose collagen and elasticity around that area which is actually not a good news to me even though I always wish to slim down my face but not by shoo away the goods inside my body.

The full effects of Ultherapy are not immediately visible. Improvements occur gradually over two to three months after the treatment and I am already can't wait to see the final result already. I really recommend to people who starting to lose their collagen and girls/guys who wish to maintain the collagen on the face, just like me. Ultherapy has no downtime, you only need to do it once to get long lasting results up to a year so you can do as many time as you wish to because collagen keeps losing every second! Personally, I am really enjoy Ultherapy and definitely will back for more in future. 😄 By the way, there are some fake Ultherapy out there to check out the authentic provider at

Belotero Volume on the cheek area

Radiesse Filler on the nose

Radiesse Filler on the forehead

Radiesse Filler on jawline

Radiesse Filler on chin

(Raw picture) Can you see the comparison? 

Doctor Bob who is the person in charge to me, suggested me getting filler instead of fat melting injection as one of my most concern area is my jaw fat. He told me by using Radiesse Filler to the side of my face, jawline, chin and forehead for the illusion of a lifted face, meanwhile to create a sharper and slimmer face.

Doctor Bob told me that he actually want to focus more on the center of my face so my face will looks more 3D and prominent. So he did Radiesse filler to my nose (the part that I wanted the most) and also Belotero Volume on the cheek area to volume and add projection for a 3D effect.

(Comparison photo from clinic, will add on after)

Disclaimer : All of the pictures are no edit / liquify on face, only color correct. Even major of them are raw picture.

In overall, the time when I writing this blogpost was already two weeks since I did the aesthetic enhancement. My face is still a little swolen and some of the results are not completely shown such as Ultherapy. The full effects are best observed after two to three months and I already can't wait to see the final result. I will keep you guys update again and shall see you again on my next post.

Love you 💕

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