Friday, July 20, 2018

[Makeup] THEFACESHOP Mono Cube Eyeshadow | Single or Palette?

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Firstly, would like to apologize for lacking of update here eventho I know blogging is not a trend now but fred not! I still blogging like usual lol....

Okay, today's post would like to share my current favorite eyeshadow from THE FACE SHOP. It is a single cube shadow and you can mix and match to become a palette. I know this is not a fresh game anymore in the market but still you know... I am excited in this game because at least I won't waste the color I won't use at all in a palette, so this idea is brilliant to me.

THE FACE SHOP Mono Cube Eyeshadow has more than 30 colors for you mix and match. Their Mono Cube Eyeshadow comes with 4 variants; matte finish, shimmer finish, glitter finish and dual color. To be honest, comparing with their previous single shadow, I can see a huge improvement in terms of quality, long lasting and pigmentation. If you have their old single shadow (which is still pretty good just in more natural finish), try comparing and you see the different. So far, I am enjoying using them and they are my daily eye makeup material.

Matte finish - good pigmentation, easy to blend, not cakey, in overall I am enjoying using their matte eyeshadow in my daily eye makeup

Shimmer finish - eventho is not as shine like western brand but so far I am kinda into this formula better as it gives more subtle look as daily makeup

Dual color - Personally I think this idea is genius! Two color with just one price which is a bargain! Mostly their dual is in shimmer finish but yet I love the color combo together. Highly recommend this!

Glitter finish - I am not a glitter eyeshadow person tbh BUT I love this! Is not that kind of dirty chucky on my lids, is the kind like you mostly watch in Kpop MV😍

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Swipe left to watch my mini insta tutorial using this Mono Cube Shadow.

To find out more about THEFACESHOP, you can check out at

Instagram : @thefaceshopmalaysia


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  1. Interesting! The dual color catch my eyes the most. Practical during travelling!