Friday, July 20, 2018

[Makeup] THEFACESHOP Mono Cube Eyeshadow | Single or Palette?

Hola~ Welcome back to my little space.

Firstly, would like to apologize for lacking of update here eventho I know blogging is not a trend now but fred not! I still blogging like usual lol....

Okay, today's post would like to share my current favorite eyeshadow from THE FACE SHOP. It is a single cube shadow and you can mix and match to become a palette. I know this is not a fresh game anymore in the market but still you know... I am excited in this game because at least I won't waste the color I won't use at all in a palette, so this idea is brilliant to me.

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Monday, July 16, 2018

[SKINCARE] THE FACE SHOP Dr.Belmeur the Advanced Cica Recovery Series | Specialist for Super Sensitive Skin

Wuhoo! I'm back with another skincare review.

I guess you guys already familiar with THE FACE SHOP, one of the leading Korean beauty & cosmetic brand. This post is about their newest addition in their Dr. Belmeur Range: the Advanced Cica Recovery Line. Just some recap, this is not the Dr.Belmeur is a range that specialist for sensitive skin so if you're a person who really little little also red and itchy, then keep on eye on this range haha.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

[Makeup] THEFACESHOP Flat Velvet & Glossy Lipstick | Flat-Shaped for Defining Lips

Wuhoo😃 Welcome back to my blog💕

Today's post is another lips product review and swatches from THEFACESHOP. They just launched the new Flat Lipsticks recently and I ready so excited to try them out and show you guys in my blog. THEFACESHOP Flat Lipsticks comes with two types of finishing, Glossy and Velvet. Each of them comes with 6 colors and the most unique is their flat shape tips which claimed for easier application when drawing a sharp line.
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