Tuesday, April 10, 2018

[Skincare] THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Booster | Concentrate goodness in a little bottle

Hola~ Welcome back to my blog 💖

Today's blogpost is to share with you a concentrate goodness that you can mix and match without changing your current skincare rountine. To be honest, we tend to keep changing skincare from time to time just to tried and tested the best skincare that suits our skin the best. But here's come another problem when you get used to your current skincare and you have the feeling changing but keep in dilemma just because you scare you find a not so good skincare on next.

Oh well... Why not trying checking out The Therapy Booster from THE FACE SHOP which is a little bottle of concentrate that allows you to mix and match into your current skincare and also makeup. You can amplify the benefits of your favourite moisturizer or lotions with The Therapy Booster that is formulated to address different skin concerns such as dullness, aging and skin damage.

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