Saturday, February 10, 2018

[Food] My favorite CNY snacks Munchy's Muzic is now available at Shopee

Yay! Gong xi gong xi gong xi ni a~ 😁😁😁
Chinese New Year is approaching very very soon 💥💥
Wish you all have a great holiday and makan minum sedap sedap 😋💖

I believe no matter for Chinese or non-Chinese, you guys already bought some yummy snacks at home since sales are everywhere now. What is your 'must-buy' snacks that will definitely appear at the table during Chinese New Year? 

One of the snacks that will appear on my table every year is Muzic from Munchy's, every colour every flavour since when I was a kid. I have no idea why.... but it has already become a tradition since I was a kid. But surprisingly I’m not bored of the taste! 😳
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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

[Tips] Water is the the Department of Health & The Quality changes your life | ft.Diamond Carol

Hello darling~ Welcome back to my blog 😘

Today's topic I want to share with you guys is the importance of water. Oh well~ You might feel boring but let me tell you, water is the department of health. If you wish to have a good skin, looking younger and healthier, is actually all the matter of water. Quality of water is the key too as we all know how bad is the pollution nowadays that make environmental changes.

Therefore, having a water filter in the house become the basic in life. It is not only can help us filter out those gunk gunk contains in the water while also can a safety guarantee for daily routine. And there have many brands on the market that offers many functions and benefits. You can choose accordingly to your budget and benefit you want. 😊

DIAMOND Coral Gold

DIAMOND Water Filter is one of the popular brands in the market. To be honest, I am a DIAMOND user since I moved to my new house. I have installed DIAMOND Master Filter for overall use in the house and DIAMOND Coral Gold in the kitchen three years ago.

" DIAMOND Coral Gold has 6 filters and it helps you to neatralize become alkaline because our body need it.
We don't need acidic water. "

Diamond Coral helps to filter out harmful microbs, organic pollutants, radioactive elements, heavy metals such as aluminium, lead, copper, iron and many others. Diamond Coral uses precious natural coral calcium to produce natural alkaline water while maintaining beneficial minerals in the water. Diamond Coral filter has passed over 200 performance measurements and safety testing. This system has been tested and certified by the Water Quality Association in 200 safety and performance tests according to NSF/ANSI 42 for the reduction of chlorine, taste & odour, and NSF/ANSI 53 for turbidity and VOCs.

Here's the BENEFITS

• Drink directly without boiling because it is safe to drink
• Removes vegetable & fruits pesticides and makes them taste better
• Prevent the fruits from oxidizing and turning brown by soaking
• Can eliminate fishy smell of fishes and seafoods
• Rice taste better and softer
• Flowers stay longer for 7-10 days
• Plants stay healthier and greener
• Moisturize skin

Well~ I have no idea what is the science behind but it is true like what they claimed when using DIAMOND Coral Water Filter. The obivous result that I can see by eyes is my flower really stay longer as we know normal fresh flowers tend to die and dry eaily in 4 to 5 days with DIAMOND Coral, it extended to 7 to 10 days. 😱 And the fruits is more crunchy to eat and taking more time turning brown. It's pretty miracle I could say.

In overall, my mum love it when I installed DIAMOND Coral Gold in the kitchen. She keep telling me how good it is and asking us to drink water directly from there. And from my side, I am also enjoying it because my skin turns better and less sensitive when using DIAMOND water to wash my face. It is actually pretty obvious as my face is allergic and redness when water is not-filtered / not-clean enough.

Other than that, DIAMOND has come out with the latest DIAMOND Coral Waterbar if you wish to have hot/warm water. DIAMOND Coral Waterbar has utilized a revolutionary of 3-second instant heat technology to replace the traditional boiling heat components in the dipenser. It can heat up the water in just 3 seconds but prevent re-boiling which is unhealthy. It comes with 3 buttons that offer 3 different temperature which are 80°C for cup noodle / hot tea, 50°C for the perfect temperature of making formula milk and warm water and also n Love yea 💕
- xoxo - ormal temperature for drinking.

Oh yea...  This device can save 50% electricity. Love the concept and idea of DIAMOND where they not only offer quality life while also care about eco-system as well. DIAMOND Carol is environment-friendly and money-saving. Did I say that their packaging is stylish and elegant as well? 😉

Feeling want to try out?
Diamond Coral Alkaline Water has a 60-Day FREE TRIAL 
while the Diamond Coral WaterBar has a 7-Day FREE TRIAL
Experience yourself is the greatest act of self love.

For more information about DIAMOND Coral
please visit to

Website :
Facebook :

Love yea 💕
- xoxo -

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