Friday, June 23, 2017

[Travel] Seven Most Famous Characteristics Old Streets Around The World

Many cities are modernized with more and more high-rise buildings erected but many traditional and nostalgic old streets gradually attracted the attention of tourists. According to the survey we listed 7 of the world’s favorite characteristics old street markets, let’s have a journey into these old streets!

Wakura Onsen, Japan – A thousand year old hot spring district

Wakura Town in Ishikawa County is unlike many other cities around Japan, it is a hot spring surrounded by ocean and still kept its very original feeling. There are wide range of warm spa (Yui-ru spa) around town, and there is a famous “Seven Lucky God Temple”, be sure you drop by this temple when visiting Wakura.
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

[Makeup] TheFaceShop Miracle Finish Cushion | The New Packaging


THEFACESHOP is changing their cushion game again! I believe you guys are familiar with this brand because I already featured many of their cushions before like Disney's Collection, CC Ultra Moist Series & My TFS's Haul (do check it out if you've time 😊)
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