Wednesday, April 12, 2017

[Food] Armor Kopi, Bandung Indonesia | Insta-Worthy x Chilling Environment & Aromatic Coffee

Salamat semua (means Hello Everybody in Indonesian)

Bandung is one of my favorite place in Indonesia. If you're looking for an entertainment escape, then Bandung might not your favorite BUT if you want to slow down your tempo then Bandung will be the best escape. Besides than that, the other reasons why I fell in love in Bandung, Indonesia is because of the chilling weather. It is actually quite a special in Southeast Asia because normally humidity will be surrounding us.

Anyway, today I wanna share with you a place where has a good chilling environment, Instagramable everywhere and a cup of coffee with some traditional Indonesia snacks. This place has several coffee shops but ARMOR KOPI is the popular cafe that I want to recommend to you guys. This cafe is many people's favorite by locals and tourists as well. Still remembered when reaching there quite early while the shop still not yet open but there's already some people (including me lol) waiting for this coffee shop opens.

ARMOR Kopi has many coffee bean selections for you to choose.  I am not a coffee drink (I know... Boo! to myself haha ๐Ÿ˜…) so I can't give my personal opinion for this but if you're coffeeholic then you might be very excited for this because my friends told me that they selling some good coffee bean☕ at an affordable price. Overall the point of view of this ARMOR KOPI is their lovely environment, great coffee, and yummy snacks. You can explore around to get some beautiful insta-worthy pictures without sweating. The weather is so chilling๐Ÿ‚ so girls... make sure to dress nice nice for pica ๐Ÿ˜

Beautiful nature scene, fresh air, birping sounds, aromatic coffee and yummy snacks
Don't you feel this picture like a movie scene?  lol  

Cireng Goreng with Sambal Kicap sauce
It is a fried glutinous rice dough dip with Indonesia style soy hot sauce. The dough is kinda salty 
and chewy, dip into the sambal kicap sauce add some spiciness and flavorful in a bit. The only thing
 is the dough is pretty oily but once in awhile is okay....  

Keledek Goreng (Sweet Potato Fritter)
Pretty common snack around South East Asia. A piece of sweet potato coated with crunchy batter. Something simple 
but addicted at the same time.

Pisang Goreng Cheese (Cheese Banana Fritter)
My all-time favorite even tho in Malaysia. If you come to Southest Asia and see this snacks, you must try this! 
It is different with western style.

#foodporn for my insta ๐Ÿ“ท

Sorry for forgotten the name of this coffee. Definitely have no idea what is this 
but it taste great (told by my friend #IAmNotACoffeeDrinker)

Luwak Liberica (one of their signature coffee)
This coffee kinda reminds me of Vietnam style coffee because of the interesting layers and dipping lid. 
Anyway, this ☕ is using Liberica kopi luwak coffee beans and the price is only IDR 30k,
 approximate around RM9.40. Definitely at least RM15 above in Malaysia.


Contact: 0878-2571-0001
Business Hours: 08:00 am until 22:00 pm





  1. Beautiful shots dear! Great post. <3


  2. beautiful shots taken omg, hidden gem found in the place!