Tuesday, October 4, 2016

[Skincare] THEFACESHOP Real Blend Calming Cream Soap & Calming Cleansing Oil

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THEFACESHOP Real Blend Calming Cream Soap
THEFACESHOP Real Blend Calming Cleansing Oil

Three things I am obsessed trying out; foundation, lipstick, and cleansing. The reason why I addict searching for cleansing because I know cleansing is very important not matter for myself and even every one of you hence this is the important step to keep your skin free from blemishes and aging faster. This post I want to share my thought after using THEFACESHOP Real Blend Calming Range for quite sometimes and yea... scroll down to read it. :)

THEFACESHOP Real Blend Calming Cream Soap is a mild cleansing foam formulated with 3 types of oil blending such as olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil that delivers a moisturized, taut-free finish after cleansing. It also contains Chamomile ingredients which are well-known for anti-inflammatory for smooth, silk-like bubbles that mildly remove skin impurities and soothes stressed and tired skin. Besides that, this cleanser is free from 8 harmful chemicals; does not contain paraben, tar pigment, animal ingredients, mineral oil, talc, paraffin, polyacrylamide, and benzophenone-3; which is good for sensitive skin.

The first thing to mention about this cleanser is the scent. I am kinda addicted to it mild citrus plus Chamomile which makes me really enjoy every time when I wash my face. This is a pretty heavy cleanser as it contains 3 types of oils so the bubbles are expected lesser comparing other ordinary cleansing foam in the market. It does not feel heavy or greasy feeling during washing yet surprisingly very gentle and how clean my skin feels after cleansing. My skin feels very moisturized without any tightness feeling around my face. This cleanser is good for all skin types, especially for dry to combination skin.

THEFACESHOP Real Blend Calming Cleansing Oil is a light-weight application mild cleansing oil created with the real Lavender flower and the blending recipe of Marseille Soap's recipe. This is a soybean based cleansing oil but also contains 3 types of oil blending such as palm oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. Basically high in plant oil that removes the makeup and skin impurities while also delivers nourishment to the skin in the same time. This cleansing oil is free from 8 harmful chemicals like paraben, tar pigments, animal ingredients, mineral oil, talc, paraffin, polyacylamide, benzophenone-3. It also contains Chamomile ingredients that soothe and relieve tired skin.

This is by the far the most beautiful cleansing oil I've ever seen. It's already my favorite cleansing oil as it is gentle, has a very nice and calming scent and powerful enough to remove my full makeup easily. Other than that, it does not irritate my skin even my pimples and giving my skin super fresh, moisturized and smooth after cleansing. Normally I use one pump for light makeup, then two to three pumps for full makeup to remove but never use for my eyes area as I am more prefer with specific eye remover. I'd tried to remove my eyes makeup and it worked pretty well to removes all even waterproof mascara. Generally, this cleansing oil does a really good job.

PS:// Just a gently sharing as I found out many people don't know how to use cleansing oil correctly
Firstly, pump into your hand and gently massage your face, then you will notice your makeup starts melting off. If you're using cleansing oil to removes your eye makeup, my personal advice is put more effort by massaging the eyes in the circular motion so the mascara will be removed completely. Once you feel all of the makeup has melted, wet your hands with water and then start massage your face again. This time you will notice the cleansing oil turns milky. It means your makeup is removed. Lastly, rinse off with water. Viola! You have a super clean face.

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  1. I love how they put flowers in the cleansing oil. Awesome

  2. I love the faceshop packaging.. nowadays it look really classy and elegant... and this seems like a great range.. need to check it out and try it..

  3. I love their cleansing oil too, its very gentle and removes all my makeup traces.