Wednesday, August 10, 2016

[Travel] Paragliding in Kuala Kubu Bharu | Experience the Beautiful Nature from top

I always wanted to try paragliding and finally..... one of my to-do-list has been archived. Yay! Did you know that actually Malaysia sumore is in the city Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor has a place for people who love or wish to try paragliding.

The place is at Kelab Luncur Udara KKB ( (Paragliding Club of Kuala Kubu Bharu), a place that has been approved by some of the top paragliders in the world for having the best view and facilities. The price is from RM180 to RM250 per flight, taking approximate at least 45 mins (20 mins to the top + 20 to 25 mins flight + some waiting time). The price may be vary depending on other arbitraniness such as video or photo service.

I tried tandem paragliding because obviously, I'm not a professional paraglider or else I will dunno fall down somewhere else lol. A fact that can't be denied is paragliding is considered an extreme and quite dangerous sport but NOT ANYMORE when you accompany by pro-paraglider as they will brief everything to you. The only thing that you have to face is the fear when jumping off from the top. If you afraid if height, please do not try this.

If paragliding already makes you excited, then go up to the top is also another exciting. I would this is so much fun! I'm taking 4x4 Hilux heading up to there and the road was like Oh My God! There's so many bumps, some of them are a big freaking holes and pretty inclined surface. I have the mixed feeling of the scare with excited when the car is stuck at there, feeling like wanna fall down to the cliff as they keep stepping the accelerator until the engine screamed. But no worry because they're so professional enough as they go up few times in a day. Feeling not safe but safe enough. :)

To be honest, paragliding is not like what I'm expected. Of course, it is so much fun but this is an activity that depends on your luck. Why? Because if the weather is not good, too windy or cloudy, this activity can't be carry on. It is totally depending on wind conditions. Besides that this activity is not advisable for people who more than 90kg. For people who are below 45kg, the wind condition has to be lower level while if above 70kg, the wind condition has been stronger.

When I reached up, the weather is just perfect, neither too sunny nor too cloudy. Only I had to face a mild haze as they blocking the beautiful view from top. Blame to the pollution!!! But still a magnificient view. :D

This is my first time trying out paragliding and it was such an amazing one. To avoid dissapointment, please book in advanced and come on weekend. You can also come here to fly a kite or has a short picnic at here. You will get to see paraglider training and landing down. It is actually a nice spot to learn fresh thing. :)

If you're intrested either to book or to learn paragliding, please contact Kelab Luncur Udara KKB on their Facebook Page. They are also reachable via email at anytime, or via phone at +60 12 326 3332.

For more information, please visit to their Website and Facebook's Page.

Address: Taman Mellinium, 44000 Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor
Contact : 012-326 3332
Opening Hours : 9am to 5pm



  1. What an exciting and memorable adventure you had! I would like to paraglide too, one day.

  2. wow interesting. i don think i am that brave

  3. wow i miss paragliding so much!!! Didn't know selangor has such place for paragliding, gonna check out

  4. wow... I really have to try this too.. I would like to challenge myself to do this too.....huhuhu

  5. Oh gosh, I would love to try this. It is in one of my bucket list :D

  6. I went for paragliding a few times too, it's really a good experience before going for the extreme skydiving!

  7. whoaaa! it looks fun but too bad I don't dare to try :(


  8. Exciting fun adventurous adventure... I'm a bit scared If I need to try this out though~

  9. tandem paragliding looks fun! I wish to try it one day too :)

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