Wednesday, April 20, 2016

[How to] Send Money to Oversea or Buy Items using e-Remit

Hello~ Previously I have blogged about 'How to Transfer Money when facing money issue during travel' using I am so glad that post really helpful for some of you. So in this post, I have another tip for you if you want to send money to overseas.

Like you might already know, e-Remit Global Money Transfer ( is my favorite online money transfer service because they offer the best exchange rates and low service charges. Previously, there were 9 countries that you can remit money to BUT BUT BUT now e-Remit is in partnership with international money transfer company MoneyGram meaning that e-remit users can now remit money online to 200 countries and territories via e-remit's portal.

e-Remit and Moneygram are now partners!
Users can now remit money to 200 countries and territories!

To make it simple, e-remit is now available globally. Below I have included pictorial step-by-step how to send money to other countries. A gentle reminder, please make sure to register online first at After sign-up, you have to complete a one-time verification process by submitting either a copy of your MyKad or a valid passport (if you're a foreigner) or call e-remit’s representative for a free door-to-door verification (In Klang Valley only). Once this is done, you can send money anytime, anywhere! Please refer to the online manual for more info.

Sending money via e-remit is actually pretty simple, no big deal! The platform is easy to understand and won't confuse you. You can also check exchange rates via the rate of the day too.


1. After login, select your recipient or add a new recipient if you don't have a recipient yet

2. If you want to add a new recipient, just click (+New Recipient) right below at the selection bar. You can choose either add (Merchantrade) or (MoneyGram) depending on which country you want to remit money to

3. The first landing page will ask you to choose the country that you want to remit to.

4. Fill in your receiver's bank details, review to confirm again and Voila!
You've now successfully added the recipient to your list.

5. To send the money, back to (Dashboard) and select your recipient and click (Make Payment).

6. Fill in the amount of money you want to remit, review payment and Voila!
You have now sent the money to the receiver.

7.Lastly, you just have to sit down and wait for e-remit to process your transaction. The recipient will receive a SMS notification with a reference number of the transaction once successful.

Hope this helps you understand more about online remittance. If you have a domestic helper, a child studying abroad or even family overseas, e-remit is the simple and convenient online remittance option for you. Personally I use e-remit when I buy items online from Singapore and Indonesia, as it’s the simplest and most convenient option for me, plus I save money on the exchange rate and service fees too! Now that e-remit can send money worldwide via its partnership with MoneyGram, I will be able to remit money to family and friends globally! It’s even more convenient now with the new mobile app! It’s now available on both Android and Apple, making it easy to remit on the go too! Give e-remit a try if you need to remit money – trust me, you won’t be disappointed!


For your simple understanding, e-remit is a Secure Online Money Transfer service by Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd, the largest non-bank remittance service provider in Malaysia. The secure online remittance service currently provides its services to 9 countries; Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Myammar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh through its user friendly online portal.

e-Remit offers the best exchange rates with low service charges for its customers, with a delivery time of 1 working day depending on the country, making them at par with  their global competitors. Placing importance on creating a convenient experience for its customers, e-remit only requires a one-time verification of its user at any one of its 70 branches after a quick sign-up process.

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