Monday, March 7, 2016

[Scent] Pink Floral by Dewamor

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I have many fragrances in my collection but this fragrance is the most meaningful and inspiring story behind the fragrance I ever own! And yes.... Support local brand because this fragrance actually makes locally. I am talking about the beautiful sweet 'Pink Floral by Dewamor'.

Pink Floral by Dewamor is created by Mr.Mohd Khairul Nizam Bin Wahidin, a disabilities person who has to suffer from whole body's paralyzed that makes him has to rely on wheelchair for his entire life. The inspiration for creating this fragrance was from a pretty emotional yet inspiring story. Thanks to his positively always looking forward and pay even more extra efforts and hard work to get what he want and of course, mentally and physically supported by his family especially his mom, Puan Norizan. Before this, he as an online fragrances seller selling fragrances from many brands. It was quite a successful step for him but not anymore until his stocks was confiscated that made him lost quite a painful of money.

But from the incident, he suddenly got the inspiration why not creating his own signature fragrance that he has learned thru his 5 years experiences in the fragrance industry. And this is how 'Pink Floral by Dewamor' has born to the world.

The founder of Dewamor, Mr.Mohd Khairul Nizam Bin Wahidin and his lovely mom, Puan Norizan.

Pink Floral by Dewamor

The brand name, Dewamor is the combination of two languages. Dew means 'Embun' in Malay while Amor means 'Love' in Itali; like a love from Romeo to Juliet or from son/daughter to a mother. It's an appreciation and love to the one who you're caring.

Obviously, the theme color of this fragrance is pink which delivers a sweet and feminine message on the first sight. The bottle of design is inspired by the replica of diamond, rectangular with the crystal diamond cut at the edge makes it looks elegant and classy. On the spray lid, it has a beautiful pink flower that adds embodying the sweetness touch to it.

The secret formula of 'Pink Floral' EDP starts with the essential extracts of Rose and Blossom absolute with solar aromas. The top note opens with a floaty feeling of Praline and Vanilla that giving a fresh and sweet glorious, like it falling in love all over again. For the middle note, followed by Rose, Blossom and Strawberry provides an extraordinary scent and possesses particular beauty. It likes awakening the deeper sweet and elegant yet seductive sensuality. As for the base note, it has Musk, Amber and Vanilla add a touch of whimsy and these note is the reason to make the fragrance last up to 10 hours.

To Sum It All Together

'Pink Floral by Dewamor' is a simple sweet and elegance fragrance. The bottle design is simple with crystal diamond cut at edges with a touch of rose pink flower at the spray lid delivers a sweet and feminine message of the first sight. The scent is sweet, seductive, very feminine and pretty rich velvety so a little goes a long way or else it might over-powering. If you're a fan of the floral and rose scent, then you will totally fall in love with this fragrance. This fragrance can last up to 10 hours that makes you being sweet lovely girl almost a day. Lastly, support locally made. :)


BRAND: Dewamor
NOTES: Top (Praline, Vanilla) | Middle (Rose, Blossom, Strawberry) | Base (Musk, Amber, Vanilla)
PRICES: MYR 199.90 / 45ml
MADE IN: Malaysia
AVAILABILITY: Selected store / Purchase online

*Dewamor is having promotion of their website selling this EDP for only MYR 99 only*

For more information, please visit to:
Instagram : @DewamorOfficial



  1. I love the packaging! So lovely and sweet. But wondering if the sweetness scent overpower floral aroma?

  2. I bet this smells sweet. The packaging so sweet!

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    i think definitely a great sweet smell suit for every girls~

  4. Nice packaging! I do love vanilla scent for the base perfume. It suit my preference. Love to try this out girl hoho

  5. The packaging looks so nice.and I bet this smells it

  6. The packaging looks so nice.and I bet this smells it

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  14. The florist was absolutely lovely and kind. Would use these guys again to send thoughtful bouquets to my clients. Prefer using a local business to Deliver Flowers over the large delivery chains.