Monday, March 28, 2016

You can buy & sell your luxury goods on!

Three things that girls fancy about; makeup, shopping, and bags. Who doesn't love bags, “ they're just like having friends, we can never have too many of them” - especially the luxury one. Every girl dreams to have at least one luxury handbag and I know.... the price is not necessarily the friendliest ever.

But hey! Worry no more because from now on, Reebonz is having their 7th Anniversary Sale. If you're eyeing on a luxury handbag then this might be the golden chance for you because I heard they're Saleversary offers up to 90% OFF sitewide for members. *jaw dropping* By the way, Happy 7th years old Reebonz❤

Wanna know more?
Perhaps I should let you understand more about Reenbonz first... scroll down for more.

Reebonz , pronounced as 'rib-bons', started in 2009 as a website that wishes to make authentic luxury affordable and accessible to everyone with 100% hassle-free. It is a member-only luxury-commerce website that offers more than 800 designer labels, with hundreds of new items on sale daily.

The sale events refreshes daily at 10am sharp. All items and prices are available on the website while stocks last and while the event runs, so  make sure you grab your desired handbags before someone else does. And if you sign up as a member, you will get unlimited access to thousands of luxuries at the exclusive discount up to 60% OFF and much more. WOW!

The most in demand brands  on Reebonz includes Prada, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Salvatore Ferragamo, Micheal Kors and more that you could find on Reebonz with exclusive discounts. If you're a  fan  of Louis Vuitton; and Chanel, then you should definitely check it out as  they have the widest range of both brands new pre-owned edition on Reebonz Closets.

In March 2016, Reebonz turned 7, and guess what?  They held their Saleversary event with a never-before sale up to 90% OFF sitewide for members till the end of the month. This is your golden chance to buy your favourite designer handbag, so don't miss a series of exciting and jaw-dropping sales in this month.

"I'm keen to sell my pre-loved luxury items. Where should I sell?"

Reebonz is now taking it a step further. They are now offering a selling platform for luxury lovers to sell luxury items to  fashion enthusiasts alike,  hassle-free. All you need to do is t download the Reebonz app on your Apple or Android device. Then you can buy or sell pre-owned luxury by making offers and negotiate with the buyers or sellers. What a win-win situation! Give it a try, there are more than 30 luxury items actively sold everyday.

Frankly speaking, I am kinda having a hard time looking a good media platform to selling off my preloved and finally Reebonz offers this service on their app. Personally, I found Reebonz app is really simple and easy to manage; pretty much like Carousell and Shopee but a more exclusively app for luxury lovers. At least, buyers come to this app is searching for their desired luxury product. Of course, you can search new items on the app too.

The steps are indeed simple as abc. You just have to snap your pre-loved luxury product as many as you can, then just upload and fill in according to the category, brand and details that you want to let the buyer know. Or if you just lazy to manage yourself, you can even just let Reebonz helps you by clicking 'Sell Through White Glove' button. How simple is that?

Not a fans of the app? No worry, you can use website to do the same thing too. :)


When you find items you love, be sure to grab it fast before anyone does because all items are in  limited quantity. Do you have a dream luxury handbag? Then shop now at and check out their awesome deals!



  1. Wow... So much discounts now. Times for me to change to a new bag now.

  2. i heard so much about this website. I know they are selling those luxury items at discounted price. it's good to know that they are 7 years old now! :D

  3. Wow... how awesome is this.. can find nice luxury designer items for a great deal now at Reebonz...

  4. Nice! I've been selling my stuff on Reebonz before this too :) Nice to know that they're still alive :D

  5. First time I heard about Reebonz online shopping! I will check out on this since they offered the discounted price at the luxury products! :D

  6. been hearing bout this popular luxurious bags site :D but i didnt know that they are already 7!

  7. ah you look so cool in the pic! Big love to you :)

  8. Yes i love their super sale, to many good choices.

  9. wooo good website for selling preloved bagsss.....and love your photos...

  10. Didn't know about this Reebonz website until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  11. Sold one of my preloved bag here too hehe very convenient

  12. Reebonz is pretty trustworthy so I feel comfortable buying from them. Let's shop :D