Saturday, March 5, 2016

[Fashion] Black & White from Dreamscape

Hi guys! I'm back with another fashion post today. Black and white are my favorite colors always to go with. They are easy matching and how ultra classic it can be. Throughout the years, throughout the seasons. It's just a matter of the different styles on trend.

This whole outfits I wore was from Dreamscape, the premium online fashion store with a high quality taste for women wear and fashion. This is not the first time I wore their brand and I always satisfied with the quality and services by them. Of course! The price are affordable too.

Fifth Avenue Knit Sweats - Dreamscape
Eris Wool Hat - Dreamscape
Wrap It Up Skirt (Black) - Dreamscape
Silver Quarts Necklace - Dreamscape
Black Boots - Stylenanda
Boy Bag (Black) - Chanel

The knit top is thin yet pretty sexy which personally in love with, not because it's look sexy but suits the humid weather here. If you a fans of knit top but hate the heat then choose something like this. You can wear a crop-top or singlet inside. As for the skirt, definitely my one of favorite skirt in the wardrobe. I love the material of the skirt, it's stretchable and hold the shape well. The design is unique yet looking simple. What do you think about this look? Yay or nay? Tell me in the comment below. :)

I got this while outfit from Dreamscape. You can visit their Facebook and Instagram for more clothes and information.



  1. Dear, you look great with black and white. :)
    Like the Fifth Avenue Knit Sweats pretty much here as it can easily match with jeans and pants too.

  2. looking so fabulous... you can be seriously mistaken as a Korean actress or superstar....loving it...

  3. Simple yet striking coordinates there, Chency. I love the skirt. Obviously yay!

  4. Chency, you looks so pretty with the outfit. Can become a model zhor. Keep it up.

  5. beautiful outfit as always the skort!

  6. Love the hat! Will go check it add to my collection of hats that has taken a step back ever since I started running a lot more and only wear caps!

  7. Nice outfit, I like black and white combination too, can create own personal style :)

  8. So pretty, i like your Knit Sweater. It look so comfy and versatile.

  9. getting more and more pretty my dear! Keep it up :)