Wednesday, February 24, 2016

[How To] Transfer Money when facing money issues during travel

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Okay, some travel tips I want to share in this post. I've been traveling quite often regardless for working purpose or personal but it is enjoyable every time because I can experience different culture and meet many friends.

Three main things that you must not forget during traveling are; passport, money and gadgets. Especially in terms of money, I'm not a person who brings just enough or less cash during traveling but I'm kinda overspending sometime because you know... shopping and maybe dealing with any necessary emergency. Of course! As for extra security, I always make sure to bring credit card and active international transitions so I can have double security.

But let's say.... 

Now I found another pretty helpful way to solve the problem which is MONEY TRANSFER. I found out that this method is extremely useful whereby in situations when you are faced with any money issues, you will still be able to access your local Malaysian online banking account and transfer money from your own account to a cash pick up location in the country that you’re in. The other pro factor is that your family and friends can do the same and remit money online to your account. It's a splendid SOS method.

Talking about online remittance, currently I am using e-Remit Global Money Transfer ( because of the main reason, “They offer the best RATES!” Yes! I'm pretty fastidious when it comes to money because there's actually quite a number that I might lose if I don’t compare rates. Frankly speaking, e-Remit by far offers the best exchange rates and the rates are updated three to four times a day, meaning that it is always up-to date.

Another reason why I like e-Remit is they also offer low service charges and no charges imposed on receiver. e-Remit offers among the lowest services charges in the market and a flat rate when sending money to India and the Philippines. The best part is, they charge a one-time service fee on the sender only. That's all. No extra charge imposed on the receiver. How awesome is that?! Imagine how happy the receiver is if they get the real amount of money with no extra charges.

Talking about money delivery, e-Remit only takes one working day or a maximum of two working days in some countries for the money to reach the receiver, which I think is pretty important too. In my experience, when I used e-Remit to transfer money to Indonesia, it only took approximately 2 hours for the receiver to get it. Of course, it also depends on the time you remit the money. My advice is to do your transfer in the morning. :)

Above all, the reason why I'm choosing e-Remit Global Money Transfer is because the website is user-friendly; easy to understand and very safe & secure because the transitions occur over secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection, with firewalls and advanced security measures to ensure the security of the user and data. The website is certified by VeriSign Secure Seal (VeriSign) and the service is supported by Financial Process Change (MEP-FPX) and the International Association of Money Transfer (IAMT).

!!! CAUTIONS !!!
Please make sure to register online first at It is very simple to sign-up for an account! By using this online service, you can avoid lining up at the branch and then having to wait like at least an hour before your turn, meaning that e-Remit can save you both time and money. After online sign-up, you have to complete a one-time verification process and then you are free to send money anytime, anywhere! Anyway, in case you're having difficulty during sign-up, you can refer to online manual.

The one-step verification process is simple, just bring a copy of your MyKad or a valid passport (if you are a foreigner) to the nearest Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd branch. There are 69 branches nationwide, so just go to e-Remit’s website to find the branch closest to you.
If you don’t have the time to do this, e-remit also offers a door-to-door verification service which means Merchantrade's Representative will set an appointment with you and come to see you at your convenience! This is available to everyone living in the Klang Valley area.

Hope these simple tips help you in future. If you have a domestic helper, a child studying abroad or even family overseas, you too can enjoy simple and convenient online remittance using e-Remit.


For your simply understanding, e-remit is a Secure Online Money Transfer service by Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd, the largest non-bank remittance service provider in Malaysia. The secure online remittance service currently provides its services to 9 countries; Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Myammar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh through its user friendly online portal.

e-Remit offers the best exchange rates with low service charges for its customers, with a delivery time of 1 working day depending on the country, making them at par with  their global competitors. Placing importance on creating a convenient experience for its customers, e-remit only requires a one-time verification of its user at any one of its 70 branches after a quick sign-up process.

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