Friday, January 29, 2016

REO Suites, One City USJ

There's a calculation saying that 90's generation don't like to work. No! We're not! We still need money to survive but we hope to work in a fun yet productive environment. Nowadays I'm glad many company starts follow the trend like Google to makes the working space a place for work and play. This method can increase the worker's creativity & productivity and push the boundaries of what's possible!

Reo Suite, One City USJ

Recently visited the new REO Suite where located at One City, USJ (just besides One City Mall). REO Suits is SoFo based which means ‘Small office Flexible office’ sharing together that attached to big corporate office, shopping mall and other facilities just like Google and Airbnb look-alike; given a ‘landing/standing’ space for impromptu meetings, but are free to move around the entire office to receive calls from customers.

Like what I mentioned, REO Suite is SoFo inspired. From the showroom (picture above) did a pretty well by blending the lifestyle into working environment just like a home.

REO Suites is located at one of my favorite hangout place, Subang because there has many great food and hopping cafe where you can lepak around during your lunch-time, after work or even (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ during working hour if your boss allow lol. Nothing is even greater than shopping where One City Mall is just besides so can easily go for choices food hunting and shopping.

It is also close to colleges and universities means have excellent and easy accessibility to Bus, Taxi & LRT Station so you can avoid drive and suffer from bad traffic day but basically you don’t have to worry if you’re driving because major highways like Damansara-Puchong Expresswat. the ELITE highway, the New Klang Valley Expressway. the Shah-Alam Highway (KESAS) and the South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE) are all linkable to the place.

Hanging around at REO Suite makes me wanna starting up my own business because is a place that combines of home + playground + work; all in one summore there has many facilities offers like the Roof Garden, Zen Garden, Infinity Swimming Pool, Pool Side Deck, Viewing Deck, Putting Green, Multipurpose Hall, BBQ Area, Sauna, Steam Room, Jacuzzi, Indoor Garden Library, Dance Studio, Gym, Yoga Deck, Games Room, Meditation Room and also the Prayer Room to let the staff truly enjoy and chill while working in a same time.

Just in case you’re interesting as well, REO Suites only starting from RM 296k which is very affordable. Try imagine standing looking at the breath-taking panoramic view of the surroundings with fascinating facilities and excellent accessibility plus I have heard the rumors that MCT is planning to have a megamall below REO just as big as Mid Valley. *thumb up*

Do check out their show unit at Level 13A, MCT Tower at One City (google map or waze search : MCT Tower / One City) or head over to REO Suite Wesbite to find out more. :)



  1. REO suites sure look like a great investment unit. Suitable for students or newly working individuals too

  2. AHH! i want! How much would i need to own a unit?

  3. Looks like a great place to stay for single. Will recommend it to my friends.

  4. REO suites seem like a great place for investment.
    Their show unit is nicely decorated.

  5. Such a lovely place to stay... I won't even mind living in there...but are small families allowed...

  6. i love to own this kind of place. it look like great for investment too.nice and convenient environment.

  7. What a lovely set up. I'll never work a day if I lived there!

  8. love how they maximise the space in this new concept! :D USJ is really a good area to stay in

  9. Love the interior and concept! =D

  10. The setup is really cool and modern! A nice choice for single and entrepreneurs!

  11. such a beautiful place wish i can own one unit! work and play at the same time so nice

  12. I wish I have comfortable working place. Will have a look on their project

  13. I love the view, space and the surrounding supporting industry around the REO Suite development.

  14. what a beautiful, modern and chic suite. will seriously consider this if i'm in the market for an office.

  15. I like the cool design environment at there, perfect place to work if my office is similar to this design. Huray!

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