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[Event] XPAX Fantasy Fest 2015 | Cosplayer, Anime & Gamer

Hello~ It's me....

If you're following my blog or social media for quite some time then you knew that I'd attended last year 'The Ultimate S.O.X. 2014 Fantasy Fest' and this year is another success for COSPLAY, ANIME & GAME in one massive gathering!

Fantasy Fest 2015 has successfully ended where the event took place for two days, on 28th and 29th of November at StarXpo, Kenanga Wholesale City Mall (KWC) with more for music, game and anime enthusiasts.

I love cosplayers and Dota Game. Last year was such an exciting and gan jiong moment when watching the gamers debating each other. This year is basically the same but even more fun like visitors who purchase MAGIC SIM with the RM5 starter pack during the event will get many privilege to play, try and win away merchandise gifts. Plus this year, the famous Yun Chi & Elisa joined this event which made so exciting to meet and great them in closer distance.

Everyone who attended, both existing and new Magic SIM customers shared and experienced the unique festival, with only having to purchase or reload with the RM5 starter pack during the event.

The cosplayers - I love the efforts behind. They are so professionalism so do not look down to cosplayers because they are awesome! 

The winner of the solo cosplay category took home the winning grand prize of a four day three night visit to Osaka, Japan, for two. There they will be experiencing the Animax Music event as well as a tour around the city of Osaka.

Omg! Masazi (right) so handsome! o(≧▽≦*)o
You never know that 'she' is a cosplayer from Japan and she can pull off many anime characters! 

Besides than having fun with all the games, anime and with cosplayers, MAGIC SIM customers will also has a chance to try out PS4, VR360 (virtual reality), Purikura machine and free Naruto's favorite Ramen for the first 200 customers. They will also get the pro village to Meet and Greet with International ans local Anime Song Artists and photo shoot opportunity with celebrity cosplayers and autograph session. Plus can stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Note 5!

If that’s not enough, MAGIC SIM customers will also be able to enjoy 10% discounts on all DOTA2, Card Games and gaming peripherals at all Thunder Match outlets until the end of December 2015. All of this is available if you’re an existing MAGIC SIM customer, or if you purchase or reload with the RM5 starter pack during Fantasy Fest 2015.

Dota Competition

So gan jiong looking at them bring down the enemy bases. Dota Champion can win away MYR 5k cash prizes with a trophy, then followed by MYR 3k for 1st runner up and MYR 2k for 2nd runner up.

Speaking of games, MAGIC SIM customers are given a 10% discount on all Dota 2, Trading Card games and gaming peripherals in all Thunder Match outlets until the end of December 2015, sponsored by TMTonline. 40 lucky Magic SIM customers also got to meet Elise and Yun Chi face to face backstage in an exclusive meet and greet.

Such an honor to have opportunity closer distance interview with International singers Elisa and Yun Chi. Below are some content during interview

What is your plan for next year?
Hmm.. I will have plans for next year but it must not be reveal right now… As for Malaysia, I am looking forward to come back again!

Song that you like the most.
My favourite artist is Sarah Brightman. I really like the song, “Time to say goodbye”. When I was little, my parents bought me a CD of Sarah Brightman, so I have been listening to the song since young. From there, I get the inspiration to become a singer.

One thing that embarrassed you the most.
There was a time that I love to drink milk a lot. Although I still love it by now but there was a time I love it crazily. So before I went up to stage, I drank a whole lot of it, till I got up to the stage I could not sing because my throat became so sticky, I missed the part to start singing. That’s the most embarrassing moment in my life.

Best thing that you like about yourself.
My… fur. (Laugh) Cause I have less fur to take care of. (Laugh) Okay, I will give you a second answer. Hmm… I love my stomach because I have a strong stomach so that I can eat a lot and seldom get sick. 

Yun Chi - she is so cute! Below are some interview content with her.

Whats the happiest moment in your life?
Ohh~~ So heavy… The best moment in my life is when I am performing live, when I connect to the fans. This is a good student answer. (Laugh) Personally, I love the moment when I am with my friends, drinking and playing music. All of these small little things in my life has inspired me in making my new song.

One thing special that not everybody knows about you.
Hmmmm….. I cannot tell you my real name and age… And there are few secrets that cannot be exposed. Shhhh…. But in my life.. Hmmm this might be a little bit shy to tell, but I will sing when I am using the toilet. Since nobody is in the toilet, I can express myself by singing.

What will you do during your free time.
I will play with my cat, ”furikake san”, which is a name of the seasoning for the rice in Japanese cuisine, during my free time. You will see the appearance of my cat in my album.

XPAX Fantasy Fest 2015 was successfully end. It was such an amazing and eye-opening and it never fail to surprise me every year. Now I can't wait the upcoming year!


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