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[Supplement] Ma'racle Stemcell Collagen & Luvfee Lady-Care | Boosting Your Inner Beauty

We tend to be always concentrate on outer beauty that makes us looks an attractive person BUT "How about Inner Beauty?" And What do you think of inner beauty?

For me, inner beauty is impressions of looking healthy & energetic, glowing skin and can deliver a bright positive aura to others. Inner beauty is long treatment, it does not like the power of makeup can suddenly change the entire you but after a period time of pampering, you will looks even more seductive and beautiful naturally more than makeup. And this is the reason why I always told my friend, "Treat your inner beauty babe!", whenever they complaining of having bad skin, bad menstrual recycle and dull energy.

I have to thanks to my mum for always feed me with many awesome traditional herbal soup that helping me to stronger and keep away from doctor. And the other supplement I'm taking is collagen / beauty drink to keep myself looks radiance and youthful.

Many people has misconception about collagen/beauty drink. Collagen / Beauty drink is not only specific only for mid-age women; is starting from young-lady. Although is not necessary for young lady but why not start early to boost and enhance the inner beauty?

I have two new beauty supplement on my hand to share with you girls today. Although I only starting to consume about three weeks but I do really see the difference physically especially my skin and by menstrual cycle. Please keep scrolling down for more.... *kiss*

The first product I wanted to show you is MA'RACLE STEMCELL COLLAGEN. This product is made up from 100% natural ingredients like Apple Stem Cell, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Glutathione, Silk Peptide, Green Tea extracts, High Vitamin C Mixed Fruits and Anti-Oxidant. No worry! Is 100% HALAL; approved by KKM Malaysia, HACCP, GMP, ISO9001, MESTI and International SGS Cert.

Top 10 BENEFITS of Ma'racle Stemcell Collagen :-

• Anti Wrinkles
• Anti Aging
• Skin Whitening Effect
• Reduce Dark Eye Circle
• Radiant Skin and Reduce Pimples
• Renews & Repair Skin Cells
• Soft and Moisturize skin
• Lighten Dark Spots of Skin
• Improve Body System and Immunity
• Promotes Cell Growth

Pour it into your salivary glands and slowly dissolve it. 
The taste is naturally sweetness from the fruits which is rich in Vitamin C with Stemcell and Collagen.

Ma'racle Stemcell Collagen is a powder form supplement. It claims that consuming for 7-14 Days to see the skin transformation from dull skin to radiant skin and giving you youthful appearance. Consume one sachet per day at least 15 - 30 minutes before breakfast. For better result, you can take two sachets per day before breakfast and night before sleep. Taste wise, it's remind me of popping candy without fizzy reaction, haha. It's pretty tasty. :D

The second one will be LUVFEE LADY-CARE, also my favorite beauty supplement. Luvfee using the latest technology by USA, H-BAR Bio Tech which is proven more effective in skin
brightening and devised for young to pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women. It is research from USA and formulated with 100% natural ingredients and several prestigious traditional herbs which including the Pueraria Mirifica Extract, Leonurus Japonicas, Cordceps Sinesis and Angelica Sinesis extracts that proven effective since hundreds of years ago.

It is suitable for all stages of female by replenishing and balancing natural hormones secretions and beauty elements to our inner body. It also proven can helps in enhance the femininity in results of firms breast, promotes blood circulation and ovarian health through hormonal regulation.

Top 10 BENEFITS of Luvfee Lady Care :-

• Maintaining Skin Elasticity and Moisture
• Promote Sexual Drive
• Maintain Hormone Balance by Replenishing natural hormones
• Reduce vaginal discharge
• Relieves and reduce menstrual pain
• Lower down the risk of menopausal complications
• Promotes blood circulation
• Eliminate Vaginal Odors
• Bust Enlargement and Firming
• Good complexion of Skin Tone 

1 sachet / day and mixed with 150ml warm water and drink before bedtime.
(Stop consume during your menstrual, may continue back after 3 days finish your menstrual.
This is because during menstrual cycle, hormones gone wrong make our body can't absorb well. )

Luvfee Lady-Care is also a powder supplement. I drink every night before heading to sleep. It is easy to dissolve when mixing with water and the taste is yummy. It's like a mild berry juice with a hint of natural sweetness. The biggest different after consume Luvfee is I am so comfortable during menstrual time. Although I don't have the common menstrual pain, but I still can feel won't tired easily and less stress during menstrual. Love this supplement. :)

By the way, Luvfee Lady-Care is approved by KKM Malaysia, HACCP, GMP, ISO9001, MESTI, Halal and International SGS Cert. *thumb up*

That's all for this post! I hope you enjoy reading it. :)

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