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[Travel] Mala Bay Water Park, ThaiChung ( 馬拉灣 ) | Largest Wave Pool in Asia

We're cool for the summer - Demi Lavato♬♪

Mala Bay ( 馬拉灣 ) is an outdoor water park, also home to one of the largest wave pools in Asia, measuring 100 by 33 meters. It is just only few distance walk from Fullon Hotel & Resorts Yamay and Lihpao Land Park. Frankly speaking, it's pretty similar with Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia but the place is way more spacious and their main attraction at Mala Bay is only water activities.

Mala Bay has a bit of everything split into many attractions and facilities like the Chu Slide, where 1800 liters of water rushes down, the 270 meter-long Lazy River, Big Waze and much more. Of course! There's some slides are set up specially for children as well like the Beach Theater, Rainbow Bubble and more.

Because Taiwan is a four-season country so Mala Bay wasn't in operation whole year. Mala Bay only open starting from approaching summer May to end of fall, October.

Basically, there's two types of tickets for purchase. If you're thinking of only playing water activities in one day, then only purchase ticket entry for Mala Bay but would advice going for multi-park ticket because is definitely more worthy; only NT$ 110 price different but can access to Mala Bay and Lihpao Land Park.:)

For your information, heading to TaiChung isn't as easy like the city of Taipei but still provide many ways. Three methods heading to Mala Bay Water Park; by bus, train or car / taxi. So here are some researches for you heading to there. It's actually pretty simple to reach. 

For my case, I'm taking car straight from Taoyuan International Airport took me approximate around one and half hours drive down to TaiChung. I'm not going to lie, since I'm was invited so I have no idea about the price. But you can refer the information below, by rental car is approximate starting NT$ 800 and more. :)

The concept of Mala Bay is pretty tribe tropical tho.

Map Guide for your reference

Greeting from Mala Bay's signature characters. :D

Of course! They have provide locker area to keep your belongings. Some notes, there are a handful of attractions that require an additional charge. They are using E-band (top-up system), where any spending will deducted directly from the amount in the E-band so you can have zero money on your pocket.

This 270 meter long river has beautiful fountains, jumping falls, and surrounded by trees. This is perfect if you want a chillax moment after some extreme and hectic activities. Slowy floating to view the beautiful surrounding scenery. By the way, the swim rings are available free of charge.

This is one of the popular attraction in Mala Bay. The Big Waze, 110 meters in width and length, was build by the world's most advanced technologies. When you hear the sound of a distant whistle, 2.4 meter-height was generated by waze-generator machine could bring you the excitement of surfing, giving you exactly like in vacation at summer beach walking on white sand but without salty sea water. :)

An interactive playing space that is specially love by kids. It has various aqua-friendly facilities like seesaws, sprinkle pipes, mushroom chair, water machine guns and the waterworks. There's also a Rainbow Curve to slide down by riding a double swim ring. It's like a war game in the water park. Last but not least, there will be A-Chu bucket full of water making waterfall time by time. :)

For those who love extreme, you definitely should have to try it out. There has four types of different slides; Stall Speed Slide, Ladder Slide, Shuttle Slide and Rainbow Slide, each with different highness and highness for you to try out. If you loving high-speed, try it out! You will scream of excitement.

Love surfing or want to practice? Mala Bay also has the one and only one surf machine you can find in Taiwan. Cowabunga can bake strong water currents, which will helps you get to the top of wave and enjoy the great fun of surfing. This is the best and safest place for you to train your surfing skill.

Another awesome play from Mala Bay. The high speed sliding Magician Airship let you cross the wind and break the waves. You can ride along or with your best partner in crime with double swim ring feeling the excitement and scream together.

One of my favorite in every theme parks no matter water/land park. I call this as bump bump. I believe many of you briefly know how this game works. One boat per person and you will be captain steers the boat wherever you like. Targeting boat and bump them with your perfect skill, filling laugh and fun together.

Sumahu represents 'wave' in Mala ethnic language, is a water area tailored specifically for children. Sumahu has a crystal pavilion decorated by the shelves and sea stars , and a baby river where the baby lobsters, crabs, and turtles are swimming. Of course! They are fake! But is a aqua-heaven for little cute mermaid and prince of the sea #kids.

A cute tiger character before heading to Mala Bay entrance.

So that's all for my Mala Bay Water Park journey. Mala Bay is definitely a fun place to explore suitable for all people. If you're not a fans of water park, then how about land park?, Lihpao Land Park.

Get your swimsuits on and sing, "We're cool for the summer!" - Demi Lavato

NO 8, Fullon Road, Hou-Li ,
Taichung City 421, Taiwan  (R.O.C)

TEL: +886-04-2558-6088
Service Phone: +886-4-2558-6088


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