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[Travel] Lihpao Land ( 麗寶樂園 ) | The World Only Wreck Rail Roller Coaster

If you're not a fans of getting wet, then how about full of excitement land park?
Read my Mala Bay Water Park's post :

Lihpao Land Park so called 麗寶樂園 in Chinese, is home as the biggest theme park in Taiwan. Besides with just only Mala Bay Water Park so this place is suitable for all people especially families who loves to explore a total landmass of 25 hectares.

Although Lihpao Land is not as theme park like Disney or Universal but still a worth of visit because they has THE WORLD ONLY WRECK RAIL ROLLER COASTER, call as Gravity Max. The height of roller coaster is 35mm and the depth is 4m from the ground surface, total knockoff length of 39mm. It consists of two-half continuous loops, where you can experience 4G (g-force) by archiving 2 km per minutes.

Because Taiwan is a four-season country so Mala Bay wasn't in operation whole year. Mala Bay only open starting from approaching summer May to end of fall, October.

Basically, there's two types of tickets for purchase. If you're thinking of only playing water activities in one day, then only purchase ticket entry for Mala Bay but would advice going for multi-park ticket because is definitely more worthy; only NT$ 110 price different but can access to Mala Bay and Lihpao Land Park.:)

For your information, heading to TaiChung isn't as easy like the city of Taipei but still provide many ways. Three methods heading to Lihpao Land Park; by bus, train or car / taxi. So here are some researches for you heading to there. It's actually pretty simple to reach. 

For my case, I'm taking car straight from Taoyuan International Airport took me approximate around one and half hours drive down to TaiChung. I'm not going to lie, since I'm was invited so I have no idea about the price. But you can refer the information below, by rental car is approximate starting NT$ 800 and more. :)

Lihpao Land has split into 3 zones; Popa Kingdom, Magic Forest and Exciting Paradise; dividing by target visitors, age and excitement level. Popa Kingdom is an area that specialist for kids by offering cute, fun and excitement but bearable by kids. Of course! If you're love to scream like nobody care, exciting paradise definitely will bang your heart.

The highlight of the section at Lihpao Land Park has got to be Exciting Paradise, the world only wreck rail roller coaster "Gravity Max" and others heartbeat games like Galactuc Spin, Wild-Crazy Flume, Wild River Canyon and more.

Perhaps overall theme-designed might not as grand and consistence like those well-known famous theme park but their themed with bright colorful colors and also with their own designed characters, Popa Family.

I couldn't explore all of Lihpao Land, so I didn't manage capture all of the game facilities in there. But they have up to 30 amusement ride not including performances, gift shops, restaurants and food stalls.

This is the first area a guest will encounter when enters the park, splits into 2 areas, to Popa Kingdom or Excitement Paradise. It basically is a turn-over route design so there is no real distinction between the two themes. You can start from scream wow-pow excitement or fun ride depends on your personal preferences.

Popa Family
Let me introducing these three little cutie pie. Starting from left-side call Yima (the sister), Duma (the brother) and Popa (the daddy). They are colorful, simple and cute. :)

Map guide for your references

Gravity Max
This is what I mentioned, the world only wreck rail roller coaster, with a total knockoff length of 39mm by archiving 2 km per minutes. This is awesome! You should try it out if you're dare. :D

The Stinger

Galactuc Spin

World in the circle

NO 8, Fullon Road, Hou-Li ,
Taichung City 421, Taiwan  (R.O.C)

TEL: +886-04-2558-6088
Service Phone: +886-4-2558-6088


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