Monday, September 28, 2015

[Tag] Sisterhood of the Wold Bloggers Award

Was been tagged by Gadis Permatasari, a beautiful Indonesia Beauty Blogger at Thank you for the simple keen of me. :) Tag post actually is fun game to play with and I really enjoy when blogger shares their tag version on their blog. So yea... here's the questions from Gadis Permatasari that wanted to knew from me. :D And for those who always messages/email me, I promise will do another post in future. *pinky promise*  Enjoy reading❤

What is/are your plan(s) for your blog?
Hmm... Good question. This is one of the most common question I get for my blogging. I don't have future plan but in this year 2015, I just want get back to basic. I want find back the very basic hobby and passionate when I start blogging. So yea... Do more writing and personal sharing like few years back... :)

Where do you spend your blogging activity?
Hmm... Good question but I don't get it. My blogging activity? Shuffle my fingers on the keyboard like a pro.

What day do you usually publish your post?
I don't have specific one. And usually I don't do draft unless it's an advertorial post etc... I just publish whenever I want and I try to do more post frequently so my blogosphere doesn't loo dull and more active. :)

Your favorite blusher color?
Probably will be baby pink or coral pink but into more neutral tone. A hint of orange undertone blush seem not bad tho but not a real orange blusher because my skintone looks darker with it.

Your favorite lipstick color?
When I was teenager, my thought of red is lame and old fashion but right now! My favorite color is red and the darker the better. Red is the hottest and most classic; sexiest shade I like but if the color gone darker, it even my favorite because I like something that makes me look cool and edgy. #swag By the way, as for dark tone, I am prefer with purple or plum undertone.

Contouring or Strobing?
CONTOURING! This is the most genius makeup skill creation ever! It makes me face looks slimmer, smaller and define. How can I say no?! Not me, lol.
Anyway, for those who don't understand what 'Strobing' means is push the highlight level to the max. Just go crazy over with highlighting the feature that you want to stand it out. It's actually kinda fun tho. But I'm still hand up to contouring. :)

What beauty/skincare product you want the most right now?
I want to repurchase Dr.Brandt Light Years Away Whitening Essence if possible but the point is my wallet not willing to poke out money for me. #cheapskate This essence is the best essence ever I tried and I really REALLY love it.

As for makeup, I wish to grab all Colourpop Cosmetics back to my home. I love their eyeshadow, lipstick and their newest liquid lipstick. Love it! But the only thing is they not shipping to Malaysia so it's pretty troublesome to get help from friend. Wish they open international shipping one day. Hey! Malaysian fans is here! *waving*

What kind of blog post do you love to read?
Beauty junkies of course will love to read beauty blog. I love to read latest product post or some detail review. Makeup pictorial also my another favorite. Somehow I also prefer those who loves to share their personal life open to their blog, of course, in interesting way.

What would you like me to change about my blog?
Huh? I don't get?!

What is your suggestion to other bloggers how to find their own unique voice?
Look for the basic why you love blogging. Be yourself because you have your own unique way. Just do what you love like nobody care because blog is yours! Treats it like your online journal. Just write what you want even you want write somebody bad because you are freedom with your space. #fighting

So yea! That's pretty much all. Again, thank you Gadis Permatasari for the tag. Love doing this! And for those who love to tag me, please feel free to do so because I love to receive tag from you guys.

I'm not going to nominate anyone to for my next tag (no tag post from me. Nay!) because I'm ready to stop writing and get ready to sleep now.

Love you. Muacks!


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