Monday, September 28, 2015

[Tag] Sisterhood of the Wold Bloggers Award

Was been tagged by Gadis Permatasari, a beautiful Indonesia Beauty Blogger at Thank you for the simple keen of me. :) Tag post actually is fun game to play with and I really enjoy when blogger shares their tag version on their blog. So yea... here's the questions from Gadis Permatasari that wanted to knew from me. :D And for those who always messages/email me, I promise will do another post in future. *pinky promise*  Enjoy reading❤
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

[Travel] Lihpao Land ( 麗寶樂園 ) | The World Only Wreck Rail Roller Coaster

If you're not a fans of getting wet, then how about full of excitement land park?
Read my Mala Bay Water Park's post :

Lihpao Land Park so called 麗寶樂園 in Chinese, is home as the biggest theme park in Taiwan. Besides with just only Mala Bay Water Park so this place is suitable for all people especially families who loves to explore a total landmass of 25 hectares.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

[Travel] Mala Bay Water Park, ThaiChung ( 馬拉灣 ) | Largest Wave Pool in Asia

We're cool for the summer - Demi Lavato♬♪

Mala Bay ( 馬拉灣 ) is an outdoor water park, also home to one of the largest wave pools in Asia, measuring 100 by 33 meters. It is just only few distance walk from Fullon Hotel & Resorts Yamay and Lihpao Land Park. Frankly speaking, it's pretty similar with Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia but the place is way more spacious and their main attraction at Mala Bay is only water activities.
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Monday, September 21, 2015

[Hotel] Fullon Hotel & Resort Yamay ( 富容大饭店 月眉 ) | TaiChung, Taiwan ( 台中,台灣 )

Dai Ga Hou ("大家好" speaking in Taiwanese Dialect)

I'm just back from recent escape to Taiwan. Frankly speaking, I wasn't enough with my getaway because Taiwan is such a fun place to explore with. If you're my friends on my Instagram (@thechency) then you might probably knew that I spent most of my fun moment of Taiwan's  theme parks.
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Sunday, September 20, 2015

[Travel] New Amazing Ways to Tour around Taiwan

Most tourists that have travelled to Taiwan are familiar with famous attractions like Alishan, Sun Moon Lake and Taipei National Palace Museum. However, many may not know that there are numerous extensive routes to travel when looking to really get to know "Formosa". Tourism Bureau Taiwan has joined forces with 24 different theme parks in Taiwan together promoting a series of creative scenic tours that will provide tourists with a deeper understanding of Taiwan.
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