Saturday, August 22, 2015

[Event] Make Beautiful Happen by Panasonic Beauty Workshop 2015

With the girls during Panasonic Beauty Workshop

If you'd seen my Instagram or Facebook feed, then you might already knew that I have attended Panasonic Beauty Workshop at Betjeman & Baron Cafe, One Utama Shopping Mall. And I really glad some of you who told me that you have joined the event (Session 2, Open for Public) was fun. :D

The 2015 theme of Panasonic Beauty is Make Beautiful Happen. Everyone can now achieve salon-style hair done ourselves for a healthier and without easy-damaging because they came out with the latest 'nanoe™' technology.

Although there are already nanoe™ technology products in the market, Panasonic’s innovative new products take this one step further and: nano-sized ion particles contain 1,000 times more water than negative ions. These nano-sized particles (pH5.5) penetrate into the hair, scalp and skin more effectively, keeping them moisturised longer and leaving you with more moist hair and fresher looking skin; even in dry Middle East conditions. The hair dryer, for example, captures moisture from damp hair and surrounding air and infuses it back into the hair as Nanoe ions. These atomized water particles provide the essential moisture needed to reduce frizz and moisturize the scalp, resulting in beautiful and healthy looking hair.

I get to learnt many information and tricks about Panasonic Beauty product while chilling tea-time provided by Betjeman & Baron Cafe, One Utama Shopping Mall.

 Style Director from Number 76 Hair Salon, Yves Chong shared some Hair Care tips

What is your favorite Panasonic Beauty Product?

Facial Ionic Steamer
Moisture Penetrates Deeply Into Skin
Simple 6-Minute Spa
Compact Stylish Design

Eye Warming Massager
2-Level Temperature Setting Generating Steam Which Helps to Moisture Eye Circle Skin
2 Selectable Vibration Modes Provide Relaxing Sensation
1-Hour Quick Charging

Scalp Massager
4-Disc Rotating Massage Brush Head
Enjoy Scalp Spa Whenever You Want
Keeps Scalp Clean & Healthy 

 Facial Cool Putter
Instantly Cool And Tighten Skin Reaching About 10°C (When Room is 25°C)
30-Second Quick Cooling
Recommended To Use With Facial Ionic Steamer For Optimal Skin Care Outcome

Warming Facial & Body Roller
2 Ball Thermal Heater With Temperature Adjustment
Pinching & Soft Tapping Roller Head
UV Coating For Protecting From Damage

My favorite beauty tools from Panasonic is Warming Facial & Body Roller and Facial Ionic Steamer. Girls love a define and lifted face and this tool is really does a good job on lifting and contour face. The other part I like is this tool not only specific for face only but also for body. I think will use it on my flappy arm as well, hehe.

The other is the Facial Ionic Steamer which was my absolute favorite. I have one at home and like to use it before pamper by mask and use it as make base. This tool is really if you have bad skin day. Just steam for about 2 to 3 minutes and then using scrub to kill away dead and dull cells on face. Love it ❤

nanoe™ Hair Dryer
nanoe™ Charge Panel
Healthy Mode of 50°C

nanoe™ Hair Straightener
Nanoe For Glossy Straight Hair
Maintains Colored Hair
Maintains Hair Moisture

I love to straight hair so Panasonic nanoe™ Hair Straightener will be my favorite hair stylish product. I guess every girl facing dry hair at the end of hair. Nanoe infuses moisture into hair for shiny, beautiful results. Five heat settings work for all hair types (300°F-395°F) & this tool automatically shuts off after 60 minutes for safety purposes.

Of course, desserts will be served by Betjeman & Baron Cafe while listening and hand-on demo about Panasonic Beauty products.

What is your favorite beauty tools? 

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