Sunday, May 10, 2015

Beautiful Flower Bouquet Surprise from BloomThis

I take this chance to thank you for you countless contribution to my life. Love you mum

Are you up for celebrating this special day with your mum? :)

Let me share mine celebration here. This year celebration will be even special comparing with past because I spoiled her so much in this year. :D I brought her to Bangkok last week as a pre-celebration because I knew she loves Bangkok, the shopping heaven. As it happens I had to fly to Bangkok to attended G-Shock Collector Thailand Presented by Todd Piti Launching Party, therefore I extended my budget for my mum too. Anyway, please stay tuned for upcoming post about that event because it was so much fun. :)

So when comes to the exact week of Mother's Day, again I brought her to dinner yesterday (becoz I have to fly off to Korea in few more hours in today). Besides that, I have ordered beautiful bouquet from BloomThis as another highlight of celebration.

Surprise arrived in a long box package; neat and tidy way. Happy girl in a happy mood waiting for the delivery. Haha :D At first I was worried how they make it because couriers always deliver in very rude way but BloomThis sent their bouquet in very professional way. I have to thumb up for their service.

BloomThis sent their flowers comes in paper box; uniquely designed to fit in specially handpicked flower. Other thing I love is they comes with simple instruction to follow. Besides that, it comes with two lovely notes, one is personalized message card and the other is to let me know what type of flowers in my box. My flowers is pink rose with carnation. Perfect for Mother's Day. :)

Oh... By the way just to let you know that BloomThis will personally customize and picked the flowers for their customers. There are no secrets but tones of surprises, as you’ll never know what flowers you will get each week until you unbox them. Some may interest you, some won’t, but once in a while you will stumble upon flowers that will leave you in awe!

BloomThis only deliver freshest flower to your door step on every Thursday. All flowers were arrived a day before they packed for delivery. So if you don't have to worry about the freshness of the flowers. They even offers one-off deliveries or you can subscribe to regular deliveries of fresh flowers sent either weekly or fortnightly a month.


SIGNATURE - Single Delivery (MYR 69.00)
QUINZENA - Fortnightly / Month (MYR 98.00)
SABBATH - Weekly / Month (MYR 176.00)

Oh ya.... You can quote my name "BTCHENCY20" for 20% discount 
for Quinzena Fornight/Monthly package.

I will giving away one SIGNATURE BLOOMTHIS to one of my lucky reader.
Scroll down for more. :)

Mother's Day Present: Bouquet from BloomThis & Repetto Fragrance

Love BloomThis('s) surprise. Even tho I can't pick the flower I like but always believe BloomThis picked the right flower for you. :) 

What types of flowers in my box?
Light pink rose and Carnation

BloomThis using water capsule to individually keep keep the flower fresh and moist during the whole delivery journey. 

BloomThis comes with a instruction card teaching you how to keep the flower fresh and bloom in vase. 

My simple arrangement flowers in vase. Sorry for the poor skill. (*╯-╰)/

Flower in vase with pink ribbon :)

Because I wanted to surprise my mum. so I wrapped it up.

Pretty simple and cacat =.= But still nice looking :D

(っ╯3╰)っ She love it ❤ Happy Mother's Day


SIGNATURE - Single Delivery (MYR 69.00 for 1 bouquets)
QUINZENA - Fortnightly / Month (MYR 98.00 for 2 bouquets)
SABBATH - Weekly / Month (MYR 176.00 for 4 bouquets)

Oh ya.... You can quote my name "BTCHENCY20" for 20% discount 
for Quinzena Fornight/Monthly package.

You can get your fresh surprise at as low as RM44 per bouquet!
(+) with Complimentary personalized message to the one you care about ♥

*FREE Delivery is made every Thursday within KL and Penang
*All flowers are seasonal, so be surprised by different types of flowers 
during each and every delivery. How amazing is that!

Since Mother's Day will pass after today BUT flowers shouldn't comes only during special days. It's about memory and impression to your beloved one or even yourself.

So, I will giving away ONE (1) SIGNATURE Bouquet for one lucky reader.

All you need is complete the form below.

For more information, please visit to



  1. thanks for organizing the giveaway :) hope to be lucky :)

  2. Thank you for the give-away! One can never get tired of awesome flowers.

    ~Where flowers bloom, so does hope.~

  3. Keep my finger crossed :)

    Where flowers bloom, so does hope.

  4. Thank you for the giveaway, my dear <3
    ```Where flowers bloom, so does hope```

    I want the flowers to brighten my days <3

  5. good luck everyone :)
    thanks for organizing this giveaway with Bloom This and make someone's day special :)

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