Wednesday, April 1, 2015

[How to] Effortless Soft Vintage Wave ft. Philips Easy Natural Curler

Bonjour my sexy girl~

A beautiful hair reveals how much you have love yourself because to have a healthy shiny hair required tons of care attention to archive. Besides than have healthy shiny hair, sometimes women love to enhance it by giving some styling to the hair. It makes so much different and completely change the look. The truth is that hair make the woman.

So I am going to do a simple quick pictorial aka tutorial using Philips Easy Natural Curler to archive the effortless soft vintage curl. Without future ado, scroll down for more❤


1. Start with clean dry hair. Prep the hair with Bené Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Night Care Milk to nourishes and delivering intensive hydration to hair.

2. Next comes with base. Apply a thin coat of Bené Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Hair Oil leaving hair smooth and supple while also to protect and prime before you begin styling your hair.

3. Using Philips EasyShine Ionic styling brush Comb your hair to remove tangles for easy styling after.

4. Then using Philips ThermoProtect Ionic Hairdryer to loosen and create volume hair texture. Separates into few section and blow it from opposite side.

5.  Here's come the key move. Section your hair, starting from the bottom and working your way up. Take a section of hair and clamp it start from about 3/4 of the way down the strand of hair.

6. Turn the straighteners over 360 degrees so the hair is pointing downward again. Slide the straightener through the hair fairly quickly so as not to cause any dents, but slow enough for the hair to heat up.
Tips: The slower you go the tighter the curl. 

7. Repeat steps five and six with one-inch sections all the way around your head.

8. Brush out your hair with finger/comb for a softer curl hair look. For polished look, finish with hairspray.

9. Viola! You're DONE!

Personal Verdict of Philips Easy Natural Curler:

Philips Easy Natural Curler has an unique Tulip shape and clever plates hold the hair strand while styling, enabling you to create curls in one simple movement. It is beautiful and look like a flower. It is light, compact and works easily with just one hand. It comes with a professional temperature of 200°C guarantees nice results even on thick hair, while minimizing hair damage. The protective ceramic coating of the curler's plates ensures even heat distribution and less hair damage for shiny and soft hair.

Other than that, Philips Easy Natural Curler can use as a straightener or curler as well. It's two in one, travel-friendly ever! Personally, I love it when it can automatically clip and hold the hair strand easily in place. But one thing that have to minus the good which is the limited space that allow limited amount of hair so it quite time consuming for those who has super thick and long hair person like myself. But overall, I love the outcome that gives me a natural loose curly hair where suits for everyday use while sometime can go something fancier like soft vintage curl, etc.

Natural Curl for everyday look :)

How do you think of my version of soft vintage curl?
Hope you guys like it. :)

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  1. Perfect!! May I know what is the shade & name of the lipstick you're wearing for the everyday look? So gorgeous! Hehe

    1. The light color was from Laneige Lip Tint in Neon Pink while the deep color was from YSL Rouge Volpte Shine Lipstick in Rose Culte. Hope this helps you. :)