Monday, April 27, 2015

[How to] Change Facebook Page Name from ㄨ稀儿 Chεncчㄨ to TheChency after 200+ likes

 Macam Yes tapi Bukan, lol

Like finally! Yay! My facebook page's name has changed to TheChency not ㄨ稀儿 Chεncчㄨ anymore. I been really wanted to change my Facebook Page's Name since the old name was such the hardest name to tag ever! And it's look childish anyway.

Backward to quite long time ago, Isabel Lee had posted about how to change Facebook Page's Name and it's quite tricky tho. I tried her method and end up fail because it's illegal for Facebook Malaysia. Until don't know when was it, Facebook Malaysia changed their system and policy. Means what? Yes! I able to change my facebook name. Legally!

So today I am going to show you how to apply request to change your Facebook Page's Name after reaching 200+ likes without recreate a new page.

Anyway, be my friend on my Facebook Page O(∩_∩)O~


1. Go to About to Page Info

2. Go to Name section and click 'Request Change''

3. Then, fill in the information and name you wish to change

4. Submit related documents like 'printscreen related website or documents as a prove'
(I showed by printscreen my website, instagram & twitter name holder and merge into a jpeg file)

5. Click Submit and will Receive an email notification 

6. Facebook team will tell you Yes or No

7. If yes, wait up to two weeks to see the changes

8. Finally! Your Facebook Name has changed.

Good Luck Everyone
Love you