Saturday, March 21, 2015

[MakeUp] Make Up For Ever - The Artist Plexi-Gloss

This is a new generation for all, professional or passionate. 

Another wide range from Make Up For Ever for this Spring 2015 - the Artist Plexi-Gloss which came with 35 shades from nude to black color in this season. Tested by makeup artists from fashion and entertainment, Artist Plexi-Gloss pushes back the limits of shine as well as color, which is purer than ever in a translucent base, says Dany Sanz, Creator and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER.

Dany Sanz has always been drawn to Plexiglas®, a material that was very popular in the 1980s. It’s actually a Plexiglas® vanity case she was using at the time that inspired her to create Artist Plexi-Gloss. Like a second skin, the model’s body and lips are
covered in gloss, a dazzling substance that perfectly reflected the light.

With its mirror-bright dazzle, 35 glossy shades and extreme comfort and hold, Artist Plexi-Gloss makes the lacquered mouth the heart of desire once again.

Thanks to a new hold-fast polymer and a silica powder that ensures the pigments are evenly distributed, Artist Plexi-Gloss lacquers the smile for 5 hours. A steadfast ally that knows how to feel natural thanks to its ultra-comfy texture that glides onto the lips in one go.

Now you can coverage the great shine, and no compromise. :)

New Superflex Applicator

The design of the new exclusive Superflex Applicator, one swipe all over the lips is all it takes to steal the show. Its exclusive shape is split down one side, so it fills with gloss through a supple and soft foam material. The flat side of the applicator can therefore roll the color across the lips, using the rounded tip to fill the cupid bow and flat side to draw the lip contour with precision. The vinyl effect is ensured with no risk of bleeding.

The Artist Plexi-Gloss is available in 35 intense shades, from the softest to the most show-stopping, divided into 5 categories: nudes, corals, pinks, reds and artsy shades. Each tube has a very high percentage of pigments, thus giving a vibrant color similar to what you see on the bottle. You can choose two kinds of glosses: pearl for a shine peppered with fine pearlizers; or pure for colour that's more intense than ever.

105P - Pearly Beige  |  103 - Beige Pink  |  302P - Golden Coral  |  102P - Sweet Beige |  
100P - Light Beige  |  200 - Nude Pink  |  0 - Transparent

204 - Old Pink  |  104 - Brown Beige  |  205P - Pearly Rose  |  303P - Pearly Coral  |  
305 - Orange Coral  |  300P - Golden Pink Coral  |  301P - Nude Coral

201 - Light Rose  |  202 - Sweet Pink  |  208P - Lilac Pink  |  206 - Pop Pink  |  
302P - Golden Coral  |  306 - Orange  |  304 - Red Coral

500 - Lilac  |  501 - Purple  |  209 - Fuchsia Pink  |  400 - Orange Red  |  403 - Red  |  
404 - Raspberry Red  | 406 - Burgundy

101 - Nude Beige  |  203P - Golden Pink  |  401P - Pearly Red  |  402P - Golden Red  |  
450P - Pearly Plum  |  502P - Beetle  |  503 - Black

Am wearing #406 + #300P (left) and pretty #201 (right) shades
My favorite Plexi-Gloss are #201, #203P, #403, #406, #501

Which is your favorite Plexi-Gloss? :)


BRAND: Make Up For Ever
SHADES: 35 shades (Nudes,Corals, Pinks, Reds and Artsy) with pure or pearl "P"
PRICES: MYR 90 / 7ml
MADE IN: Italy
AVAILABILITY: Sephora & Make Up For Ever PRO Boutique
@ 2nd, Starhill & Gurney Plaza Penang

For more information, please visit to
Facebook Malaysia:



  1. So many beautiful colors! I love the purples so much!


    1. Yes right! The purple was such a kill! I love it as well~ :D