Monday, January 5, 2015

[MakeUp] Baviphat Sugar Girl Moist Collagen BB Cream

Baviphat Sugar Girl Moist Collagen BB Cream

*big laugh*

First entry review post on 2015. Still very welcoming and thank you for supporting me. #heartbyheart Just to let you know that I got these photo ready since last last year (two years I think?) LOL I have no idea why I don't post this review up but no worry! I believe it's still not old enough to share with you guys here and the photo still in good to view. :)

Just keep reading this post and you will see my hair was in blue color and face was still young enough, haha. More colorful hair upcoming because I want to clear all my drafts. :)

Some introduction about this BB Cream. This is Baviphat Sugar Girl Moist Collagen BB Cream. It comes with three types which are All-in-One (pink color), Moist (blue) and All Skin (yellow). What I got in hand was in Moist which I believe the finishing look might be more dewy comparing with the other two (personal thought).

Baviphat Sugar Girl Moist Collagen BB Cream has comes with many benefits in one tube. It can helps to conceal + soothe + moisturize and protect the skin. It also water-proof and light blemish balm which is good for daily skin care because it conceals the blemish without giving any stickyness.

One of the highlight ingredients in this BB Cream is Collagen; for elasticity enhancement of the skin. Then Portulaca Oleracea Extract and Hyaluronic Acid are to provide moisturising effect while Green Tea and Grapefruit Extract to soothe the skin. It is also recommended to people who have a trouble and sensitive skin.

Let's make it short and easy.

The packaging of the BB Cream is so cute. It is attractive and fun. I like the packaging and it probably can persuade me to buy their product by just looking at the packaging. It designed with a tube design. Well~~ Nothing surprising because mostly BB Cream is come with this kind of design.

For the consistency.... Let's recaps two years back with the quality of this BB Cream. We know BB Cream has the most common annoying problem ever! Yeap! It was the ashy tone of BB Cream that makes our face looks grayish and has white cast if taking photo with flash on. The texture was abit thick for me. The texture is easy to spread and not sticky. Although it is not sticky but the finishing was not comfortable for me. I couldn't recap about the smell of this BB Cream so I believe this BB Cream has normal scent. Paishe... Limited memory access, hahaha.

I'm glad that BB Cream has improved their formula day by day and most of the BB Creams we find in market were available in few shades for different skin tones and the texture was even better.

I rate this BB Cream as light to medium coverage. The coverage was buildable but have to be careful to avoid too heavy BB cream on face. If you're referring picture above, I was only apply one layer of BB cream. It already can cover those minor skin problems like blackheads, redness, light pigmentation and pores. Build up one more layer if want to cover dark circles, blemishes and pigmentation.

It gives a luminous and dewy skin finishing. For oil-controlling.... hmm.... I forgot..... So I just can write until here... hehehe....

Baviphat Sugar Girl Moist Collagen BB Cream is a special BB Cream because it contains many benefit ingredients inside such as Collagen, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea and Grape Fruit Extract. It has light to medium buildable coverage. The shade was in light beige; giving an ashy tone, luminous and dewy skin finish.

PROS: Cute and fun packaging, Not sticky, Buildable coverage, Moisture, Luminous & dewy finish

CONS: Ashy tone, White cast


BRAND: Baviphat
SHADES Light Beige (Only one shade available)
PRICES: MYR 39.90 / 30ml
MADE IN: Korea

PS: I got it from HiShop but now this brand wasn't available in their website anymore. 
If you wish to try it, you might try to search thru other website, ig shop or blogshop. 

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