Sunday, January 4, 2015

A new book! Write a good one❤ | Happy New Year 2015

Well~ Time was like a super rocket! It's 2015 right now!
I still can clearly recap what was the hell going on the first day of 2014 for real, lol.

Frankly speaking, 2014 was an average year. Not good or bad! Few months were such a disaster for me and my country, Malaysia as well. Many things happened, everything went so NOT smoothly and accidents happened. Hmm.. Besides that, other was consider not bad at all (nothing exciting). At least, I am still living in this world and life still going on. Always keep positive and make it as a challenge. Blessing myself that happened to me and let me knew how to handle in future. Blaming no one but myself because I'm the root of incident (sometimes not but still involving me).

2014 years was a good lesson for me. 
I felt so lost myself in this year. 
No matter in what kind of situation. 
But thank you for letting me found the way I want at the end of the year. :)

For study, I can't really decided either I should continue for degree or not since I am not interest with my study field anymore. Graduated at end of October 2013 and looking friends surrounding me walking the way they want. Some continued their study, some looking for a job (now already a officially worker) and others (like me) doing nothing. Then fast forward to mid of 2014, few of them had decided to continue their study, few of them continue their study overseas, few of them working right now and last one (ME!) still doing nothing UNTIL NOW!....

I had thinking of forcing myself to continue my degree at other university. But it was damn a waste of time! Asking my parents how they think, they just supported no matter what decision I made. Instead of wasting time and money to bullshit my three or four years more in university that I'm already feeling so bored with. Then why not by just don't even bother about studying anymore. Not because I hate study but not with my course anymore! Thinking of getting new course but hell man! I have to start over again for another Diploma cert. =.=

Well.... At least in the 2014, one of the conclusion I made was not continue to study anymore.

For working.... thinking of getting some experience to fit myself into this realistic society. But I'm just lazy to find a job and scare of handle stress from working. Wondering what type of job never has fucking stress?! Even a prostitute also has stress of the amount of target costumers so they never get scold by their manager. How I knew? Lol, television taught me one, ahahhaaha....

Another reason was what type of job I should apply? Designer? Writer? Sales? Or..... I can't even think anymore. I want a job that was fun and challenging. A job that makes me WILLING to do without any complaints. For your information, I never working before. I only worked three times as sales girl (promoter) and that was part time. For real, I never knew how was a proper job means to me. I been asked suggestion from my lecturers, seniors and friends, they just even made me blurer. Then asking my parents, they not agreed me for working. But sometimes, they complained why I so damn free. =.=" WTF!

What I did during whole 2014 years was like a housemaid, I called it as xiu lai lai wannabe, lol. My job was taking care my little brother to school. Woke up and start prepare brunch for him and then fetch him to school. After that, I off to bank and sit at there for awhile to let the banker do some bankin stuff for me. That all! Then, I chao to attend some events or sometimes hi-tea with friends. That's pretty much my weekday activities.

Frankly speaking, there's a pro and con. For pro, I been so thankful for my families and friends being so supportive for my decision I made. Not because I am lazy to getting a job or what... but in fact, I am so so so so fucking blur with what should I want. For REAL! I can't find any point that makes me have the fire to do it. Also, in conjunction because I can control my time. There's a big expose for me in blogosphere. I get many big opportunities from brand and clients and thank you so much everyone for believing me. With you guys trust and believing, everything are worth it! No matter good or bad! Still another motivation for me keep going on!

For cons, I started to losing myself and many things changed. Well~ Actually this is natural society chain that everyone will automatic facing but still kinda depressed. Perhaps I am an emotional girl.
I am a typical LEO girl. I proud of it but this also makes me so headache. I know myself very well and the worst attitude I owned were ego and lazy. I'd been trying so hard to change it but you know.... is hard to change natural characteristic. But comparing when I was in high school, I'm better right now. Just give me more time please. Let's me changing little by little. :)

Another big lesson I learnt during 2014 was DON'T TRUST ANYONE?!

It's funny when I still remembered whenever I went for those kind of 'bomoh-ish' reading like tarot card reading, face palm reading or from feng shui, They must told me the same point that I have be careful. Yes! Please don't easily trust anyone and you might end up being cheated without any pay off. Izzit that I'm so stupid without any alert that makes everyone used me like water? But hell yea! It's proofed in the end. It was not in any 'bright' sector but in slowly seen after you add on all stuff into one. #facepalmtothemax

I always tried to be neutral in no matter what kind of situation. I'm never into each sides to pull down other because my personal can't judged how wrong is the person since everyone was not perfect. If I'm said myself never gossip about anyone before, bla! NO ONE WOULD NEVER GOSSIP BEFORE! Everyone is a BITCH okay! I don't acted like Im'ma very good and 'pure'. But I just gossiped with my very close friend or those who started the topic or those who involved in the case.

I don't act like, "Hey! You know that person bla bla bla....", then with another friend again, "Just now arr.... The person bitch about you leh... She said bla bla bla".

I'm only complain those who has proved and fact.
And I'm NOT stabbing people back to makes myself looks perfect!

I just telling with the one who involved in the situation. I called this as the way to express our emotional part because sometimes people makes us can't breath. But I never ever thinking of trying to use people for advantages. Well~ Lesson learnt! No more pouring heart to treat a people because they used you just for advantages. But I couldn't understand isn't the first step to becomes friend was treating us with heart? And hell yea! Ages proofed as well!

There's no more stupid friendship like in high school anymore. When comes to social life, people were so FAKE! Of course. I am not saying everyone but it's definitely not like what expected in study life especially when comes with money related. Money is devil that makes everyone change. We are forever played by money.

2014 really taught me how to fit myself into the society. Thank you for letting me know this earlier. 

I have to delivers my zillion thanks to 2014. This year was a big turning point for me. I'm blur, clue-less, simple and still in mind of 'kid'. This year taught me to see mask in the world, letting me to know what I want and found the way I want. Thank you so much for grow me up and let's me be even more stronger. You're a good teacher. #loveyou

Talking about resolution. Personally I'm not really a resolution maker. I started it jotted mark resolution because was just a trend when comes in new year. I did one on 2014 and I was never bother if it archived or no. But after looking back with what I wrote. I'm glad most of my resolutions been archived. #drawingtherainbow

Not talking about my personal resolutions. 
Here's my ACHIEVEMENT in 2014:-

Nose Filler that made me looks more prominent

Double Eyelid that complete changed my life forever

Startup Pictorial section in my blog

Startup a new Youtube Chanel

Big opportunity and exposes on my blog

Appearance of magazine

Move to new house (new environment)

Long sponsorship for facial

Achievement of readers and views*love*

and more.....

It's a brand new 2015 now. 
It's already the 4th new day. How you guys celebrating a brand new year? Would like to wish you guys 

Here's my new resolution that I wish can be archived in this amazing 2015 year

Active in Youtube Channel
I startup my channel on last December. Thank you so much you guys for helping me reaching 2k views on Youtube. It's kinda surprising when I'm back to look at it. In this year, I will starts active in there and sharing awesome moment with you guys. Please do support me with subscribe my channel yea. :)

Don't be lazy; Be Efficiency
I have to really change this. I get lazy and lazier to do anything. Sometimes I just lay on my bed whole day playing phone without doing anything else. What a worm! No more laziness and always efficient when doing something. Please light up my fire in my heart. Gambateh Chency! :)

Get 50kg
This is seriously hard! For real! I can't resist the temptation of food.
Hope this year I can maintain a healthier lifestyle. Eat more healthy, eat regularly, less carb, salt and sugar. Be strong and persist. *fingercrossed

Getting a new laptop / desktop
Like yea! You might thinking I own many computer but my favorite laptop was almost gonna die. That's explain me why I slow down all my steps in here. Thinking of getting a new one but still haven't decide which model should I get.

Getting a new smart-camera
Like yea again! I know I have many cameras but I really wish to get a smart-camera with a good lens. Buy buy buy!

Improve my skill
Updating my skills so I can have better piece work in future. Practice makes perfect. :)

New blogskin design for my blog
Yuhoo! Planning something new blogskin for my blog. Stay tuned :)
Perhaps I can run a giveaway for my readers as well so you guys can have my design. #thinking

and more...

PS: Thank you for reading my crap post. Normally I don't really share my personal and thinking on blog because once it's exposed to public; it was like a paper plays with fire. And I don't need any sympathy from everyone because I am strong enough to handle anything myself. :) Last but no least, thanks for 'tahan' my poor grammar. I definitely know my grammar is suck! lol

Be strong, Be brave & Be tough.
The life is yours. You are the one who decide it. :)

Happy New Year, everyone.
Wishing you have a new pen and paper to write a good page everyday.

Till then.


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