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[Body] Dettol Anti-Baterial pH-Balanced Body Wash

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Dettol, a favorite brand of mine since when I am small. What we well-known about Dettol is strong with the germ and bacterial protection. I love to use Dettol especially when after back from gym or any activities that made me sweat and sticky. And you know Malaysia is pretty humid. The heat, dust, UV rays, exhaust fumes and pollutants really drive me crazy. Not forgot to mention, haze is pretty bad tho! Therefore, to keep myself strong enough to fight them, not only having a balanced diet but also keep eyeing on good anti-bacterial products.

Right now! Taadaaa...... Another good news to share.

Dettol has finally came out with new improved Dettol Body Wash range with pH-balanced formulation.

The new Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash comes with six variants which are Original, Skincare, Fresh, Radiant, Cool and Re-energized with three sizes; 250ml, 625ml and 950ml.

My favorite are the Original and Re-energized. I love to bring Re-Energized flavor with me to the gym because after hectic exercising, it's really fresh and wake me up all day. The smell of citrus just makes me smell good too.

What is pH-balanced formulation?

Did you know that our healthy pH balance is between 4.5 to 6.2?
So, to maintain a good moisture skin, pH balanced plays a important rules in it. It's not only can helps to retain skin moisture but also preserving the acid mantel (natural barrier) of our skin.

The Acid Mantel (natural barrier) is very fine and slightly acidic invisible film on skin, which protects our skin from bacteria, viruses and contaminants. It also helps to keep skin healthy, soft and supple while free from dryness, cracks and abrasions.

Here's little test using pH-pen in 
conduct an experiment with the Dettol pH Balance Body Wash

I will try out how's these reacted on my skin
1) Water (represent my skin)
2) Dettol Anti-Bacterial pH-Balanced Body Wash (any flavor)
3) Other brand of anti-baterial body wash (label as 'Brand X')

The result
Water : 5 (acidic)  |  Dettol : 4 (acidic)  |  Brand X : 8 (alkaline)

I am using water to representing my skin. As you can see at the video and picture above, my skin is pH No.5 which is in acidic level. Then continue with using Dettol, the pH level is No.4 which also in acidic level where matches with our skin. Lastly, Brand X (other brands of anti-bacterial body wash) turns into green color in categories as alkaline which is pH No.8. The result proved the fact that Dettol ph-Balanced Body Wash can helps to maintain the pH balance of our skin yet also retain moisture and keeping us from germs and bacterial. 

Love bringing Dettol Anti-Bacterial pH Baterial Body Wash to the gym 


VARIANTS: Original, Fresh, Cool, Radiance, Skincare, Re-energized
PRICES: MYR 6.90 / 250 ml
MYR 15.90 / 655 ml
MYR 21.90 / 950 ml
MYR 14.50 / 900 ml (refill pack)
MADE IN: Malaysia
AVAILABILITY: pharmacies & supermarket nationwide


Get RM5 off on any Dettol pH Balanced Body Wash in size 625ml (RM 15.90). 
Now you only need to purchase it at only RM 10.90.

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Promotion from 1st November to 31st December 2014

Try the new Dettol Anti-Baterial pH-Balanced Body Wash yourself.、

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