Thursday, December 11, 2014

[Tutorial] Lovely Christmas Makeup

Hello Santa Baby❤

When you come into here, you definitely know happening right? 

Haha! Yes! It's Christmas!! 
Let's it snow, Let's it snow, Let's it snow
Okay! Let's face it! No snow in my country.

Here's some idea for you during Christmas
This lovely Christmas is a combination of soft Harajuku and Korean makeup look.

The main points are the eyes and cheeks.
Using pink with brown to creates the eye looks
while for the cheeks is inspired by Harajuku (zipper magazine);
mainly at only the center but not too extreme for this lovely look.

Perhaps you might think, why korean look?
Lol. Because some of the techniques are following the trend in Korea.

For the lips, gradient red lips just perfect for Christmas.
Since the eyes and cheeks are my main focus so I will tone down my lips.
But if you're prefer bolder look, feel free go for full red lips.
Try choosing a red lips that can brighten up your skintone.
Please avoid dark red yea.

Without future ado, let's transit into steps department.
Please enjoy my first video tutorial❤

(please view in the best quality)

What do you think about this makeup look?
Thanks you for spend your precious time for watching.

Please feel free to leave me a comment
to tell me what you think or suggestion.

Also what do you feel about my first video tutorial?
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Thank you for reading.
Wishing you a Happy Christmas.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks darling. Phew... At least my video is passed. Ahahaha

  2. Cute! You are so cute chency! <3

  3. haha hello pretty lady! anyway in our country would be "let it rain!" haha


    1. Hahhaha, you're right! But raining in Christmas is not fun XD

  4. I really love this make-up. Good job!!!

    1. Thank you Ellyshea. Really appreciate your love to me *kiss*

  5. You're so perfect & talented, Chency! Thumbs up <3

    1. Dear Raine, your comment really bright up my days. :D <3

  6. Love this make up alots! The eye looks is so innocent and cute~~

    1. Thanks so much @Sharon. I will try to make something more like this :D