Saturday, December 20, 2014

[Event] Innisfree is now in Malaysia @ Sunway Pyramid + Store & Product Preview

INNISFREE is finally in Malaysia!!

Super exciting news! 
My favorite Korea brand ever was finally land into Malaysia. Yes! You knew it because there's many updates at social media, lol. Anyway, follow me to preview the interior and products that available in their store. Also hope this post may helps you pre-survey and understanding their product before heading to the shop (their worker was abit blur with product information). Anyway, did you know the first-store launch was at Sunway Pyramid (same level with Sephora, opposite to Bobbi Brown counter)

Without future ado, let's pictures do the talk

located at:
Lot G1.130A, Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Bandar Sunway (orange zone)
(same level with Sephora, opposite to Bobbi Brown)

I really want to recommend this to those who lazy to clean their makeup brushes. I jumped for excitement when Innisfree has this section. This is seriously cool! If you're the lazy one, then you can bring your makeup brushes to the store and then put into this box and will then sterilized for you. If you're blur with instruction, you may let the staff to help you.

No worry! Innisfree kind enough accepting any brand with NO CHARGE at ALL! Yes! Mean what? It is FREE! Omo!! *thumb up*

Best selling series from Innisfree: 
Green Tea Line (moisturizing)

Tapping on innisfree's engagement in Jeju's organic green tea feilds, the Green Tea Line is a best-selling series that fully moisturizes and nourishes the skin from deep within by harvesting the inherent, concentrated moisturizing energy of the green tea seed. This series is using 100% fresh green tea instead of water.

If you're interesting with this series, I recommend you to buy:
• The Green Tea Seed Serum (MYR 90 / 80ml)
• The Green Tea Seed Cream (MYR 80 / 50ml)
• The Green Tea Seed Oil (MYR 142 / 30ml)
• The Green Tea Seed Eye Cream (MYR80 / 30ml) 

Jeju Volcanic Line (pore care)

Another best selling series from Innisfree. This is my most favorite line also because this line is concern on pore which I am very care about. The Jeju Volcanic Line is based on Jeju's natural volcanic cluster called "volcanic scoria". Formed from island's volcana lava flow which contains twice as much nutrients, thjis particular ingredient has a much stronger sebum control-capability than mud or red clay. This strenghtens the ability of the product to remove dead skin cells, eradicate pesky black heads and ultimately cleanses and purifies pores.

If you're interesting with this series, I recommend you to buy:
• Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (MYR 52 / 100ml)
• Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (MYR 49 / 100ml)
• Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner (MYR73 / 250ml) 

Eco Science White C Line (Whitening Care)

Tangerine skin is known for its excellent to the extent that it has been used to make medicine called 'Jinpi' (dried tangerine peel), since the ancient times. Tangerine skin contains vitamin C four times as much as tangerine flesh and is an integral component for skin brightening. When the pores clogged with impurities, even fair skin has a tendency to look dull. Vitamin C freshens up dull-looking skin through its antioxidant activity; combining free radicals, which are unstable molecules that damage collagen and cause skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkle.

If you're interesting with this series, I recommend you to buy:
•  Eco Science White C Pore Double Serum (MYR142 / 30ml)
• Eco Science White C Double Serum (MYR142 / 30ml)

Olive Real Line (nutrimoiturising Care)

Soybean Firming Line (firming & lifting)

Eco Science Line (wrinkle care)

Jeju Bija Line (trouble care)

Jeju Orchid Line (total care)

Scent of Jeju

Please make sure you do not miss this awesome deal before the promotion is gone! 
The moment you step into Innisfree store, please make sure you have grab because the set is really worth!

The Green Tea Line set at MYR 90
•  The Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml
•  Balancing Skin 70ml
•  Balancing Lotion 70ml

Super Volcanic Pore Line Set at MYR 52
•  Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 100ml
•  Pore Cleansing Foam 30ml
•  Pore Toner 70ml

Also, there's also many freebies waiting for you too

Gift with Purchase
RM 30 & above : 1 innisfree Sheet Mask + Lee Min Ho Bromide
RM120 & above : innisfree Cleansing Kit
RM210 & above: innisfree Green Tea Balancing Kit
RM300 & above : Limited edition eco-bag with innisfree Green Tea Balancing Kit, inni rang sticker and Lee Min Ho photo book

Do you visited Innisfree as well? If yes, what do you buy?
I bought the Super Volcanic Pore Line Set, cleanser, mask and makeups. I could say their price are very affordable. Girl always happy after shopping. :D

For more information, please visit to




    1. No worry, I believe they will extend in future. :)

  2. You are so pretty, love your tour around the store. Many infos (:

  3. Have any outlet around kl city center as its quite far from my place. Or can I just order online? Tq.

    1. For now, Innisfree only at Sunway which also pretty troublesome for me as well since I'm not a shopping girl fans at Sunway. The only way order online is at There selling something even not in store as well

    2. i thought of order from too...but shipping fee is quite expensive -_-

    3. Good question! Maybe you can share the shipping fee with few? :)

  4. are they selling the summer cushion compact?i want it so badd

    1. Yes. They do. You can try out the Innisfree Long wear cushion SPF50+/PA+++ available in three shades.
      Hope this help :)

  5. Any products for male?

    1. For male, I suggest Green Tea Line & Jeju Volcanic Line because green tea is good for all types of people while jeju volcanic is good for pore controlling (of coz! if you have dry skin, please consider it as volcanic line might dry up your skin but you can ask for advice from assistant there). Basically, it just depends which concerns you. :) Hope this help you. :D

  6. Omoo I never knew they have a shop here! I really wanted to try their cushion. Btw, love ur blog a

    1. Yes dear! You definitely should come and check it out. Love everything about their shop. :)

  7. How much is a bottle of the scent of jeju?

    1. Sorry, I didn't notice the price. Maybe you can check out at their shop by yourself? :D

  8. Looking at the pics makes me want to buy the products. <3

  9. do have new open few outlet or store in malaysia except sunway pyramid?

    1. Yes. They did expand few outlets in other shopping malls. Although I know which but I'd been to Paradigm Mall before. For more info, you might need to follow their social media updates. :D

  10. i have oil skin,big pore,scar,pomark,deep smile line in my face..i really so confuse to choice this products..maybe you can help me????