Friday, December 26, 2014

[Nail] Sally Hansen Miracle Gel #OhMyGel

Sleigh bells ring
Are you listening
In the lane
Snow is glistening
A beautiful sight,
We're happy tonight
Walking in a winter wonderland~~

Merry Christmas to all my beloved readers. *muacks*

Hope you enjoyed this 2014 Christmas with your beloved one and
Let's get ready to welcome the new year #2015❤

How do you feel about my Christmas pictures above? Besides wanna great you guys, also wanted to showed off my Christmas nail using Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish. Have no idea of it? Nvm, let's me explain future more.

Did you know in trend of gel nail polish? The biggest advantage of gel nail are longer lasting, shinier and prettier color finishing BUT the biggest cons is required special remover that only can find in salon. Frankly speaking, getting gel manicure isn't budget friendly. Sorry! I not really willy to spend on it for real #cheapskate lol.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

[Event] Innisfree is now in Malaysia @ Sunway Pyramid + Store & Product Preview

INNISFREE is finally in Malaysia!!

Super exciting news! 
My favorite Korea brand ever was finally land into Malaysia. Yes! You knew it because there's many updates at social media, lol. Anyway, follow me to preview the interior and products that available in their store. Also hope this post may helps you pre-survey and understanding their product before heading to the shop (their worker was abit blur with product information). Anyway, did you know the first-store launch was at Sunway Pyramid (same level with Sephora, opposite to Bobbi Brown counter)

Without future ado, let's pictures do the talk

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Friday, December 19, 2014

[SkinCare] Cellnique Magical Masque Extravaganza Xmas Pack 2014

Alright babes❤

December is a busy and hectic month. Why? 
Because girls are busied with awesome shopping sales and Christmas party is coming very soon. 
Do you have any planning on Christmas?

Well, not talking crap anymore.

Today, would like to introduce you something exclusively just for this year Christmas.
It's Cellnique Magical Masque Extravaganza Xmas Pack 2014.
The limited edition Xmas pack was such a grab deal.

It's contains three types of masks:-
• 1pc x Intensive Soothing & Hydrating Masque (gel mask)
• 4pcs x Age Defying Whitening Airy Masque (paper masks)
• 4pcs x Ultimate Calming and Hydrating Airy Masque (paper mask)

Without future ado, come guess which is my favorite among the three. :)
Continue for more! Shall we?
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Thursday, December 11, 2014

[Tutorial] Lovely Christmas Makeup

Hello Santa Baby❤

When you come into here, you definitely know happening right? 

Haha! Yes! It's Christmas!! 
Let's it snow, Let's it snow, Let's it snow
Okay! Let's face it! No snow in my country.

Here's some idea for you during Christmas
This lovely Christmas is a combination of soft Harajuku and Korean makeup look.

The main points are the eyes and cheeks.
Using pink with brown to creates the eye looks
while for the cheeks is inspired by Harajuku (zipper magazine);
mainly at only the center but not too extreme for this lovely look.

Perhaps you might think, why korean look?
Lol. Because some of the techniques are following the trend in Korea.

For the lips, gradient red lips just perfect for Christmas.
Since the eyes and cheeks are my main focus so I will tone down my lips.
But if you're prefer bolder look, feel free go for full red lips.
Try choosing a red lips that can brighten up your skintone.
Please avoid dark red yea.

Without future ado, let's transit into steps department.
Please enjoy my first video tutorial❤

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

[Nail] Covo 3-Free Nail Polish in Maldives

Covo 3-Free Nail Polish in Maldives

Hi lovely!

If you're following my blog for some times, then you probably knew that Covo is not strange in my blog anymore. In fact, I also highly recommend this local (Malaysia) brand because Covo was affordable price with good quality. I have tried almost all of the products from Covo and I just love all of them (will share it soonest).

In this post, allow me to share with you one of my favorite color from Covo 3-Free Nail Polish in Maldives. Perhaps you might wondering what means of 3-Free; it means that formulated without 3 harmful ingredient from formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP. It's also claimed that is heavily pigmented, glossy and long lasting. I love the formula in this nail polish because one of my favorite nail polish brand, Butter London also using this formula in their polish but the price was double of this. This nail polish just fulfill what my pocket's want.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

[Body] Dettol Anti-Baterial pH-Balanced Body Wash

Bello bello~~❤

Dettol, a favorite brand of mine since when I am small. What we well-known about Dettol is strong with the germ and bacterial protection. I love to use Dettol especially when after back from gym or any activities that made me sweat and sticky. And you know Malaysia is pretty humid. The heat, dust, UV rays, exhaust fumes and pollutants really drive me crazy. Not forgot to mention, haze is pretty bad tho! Therefore, to keep myself strong enough to fight them, not only having a balanced diet but also keep eyeing on good anti-bacterial products.

Right now! Taadaaa...... Another good news to share.

Dettol has finally came out with new improved Dettol Body Wash range with pH-balanced formulation.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

[Event] 'Experience to Believe' Trip to Ipoh using PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 withAdvanced Energy Formula

Hola hola~ 

It was pretty excited when invited to the trip to Ipoh by driving myself to test out the new PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula. Talking about driving, this was my first time driving for a long distance since previously always been fetched or taking plane. Exciting and worry mixed feelings in the same just made me can't sleep the day before the trip, lol. Anyway, it such an honor to be the lucky one to experience first-hand the superior efficiency of the latest fuel from PETRONAS during a day-long convoy.

The aim for this trip is to try out the new PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula. With the winning combination of PETRONAS PRIMAX and PETRONAS SYNTIUM that promised to deliver superior fuel economy in three ways. 

It cleans the engine to optimise fuel delivery, creates a finer fuel spray to enhance fuel combustion and energy release, and reduces friction to minimise energy loss for superior fuel economy. These three key functions combine to deliver more mileage, hence, greater savings. It also can save up to 30% fuel usage.

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