Wednesday, November 26, 2014

[SkinCare] OXY Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch

OXY Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch

Hello my lovely❤

Do you suffer with acne problem? OXY has finally came with the new acne product that even easier and convenient for people. Frankly speaking, acne patch is not a new thing in market anymore. Many brands have also came out as well but I never own one of them because I am very seldom with acne problem. Not trying to show-off, I just blessed that free from this problem but sometimes I do have some as well especially before menstrual.

I really want to try out patch version comparing with cream version because it is easy and protective enough from bacterial and sometimes my hand just went itchy to touch them. I heard many of my friends saying patch version was way more awesome so recently I have a chance to experienced it myself.

OXY Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch is made with medical grace hydrocolloid thant effectively inhibit acne bacteria, absorb oil and pus inside pimples like a sponge, which helps to enhance pimple recovery. Not forgot to mention, this product was also comes with UV as well. The ultra-thin design of 0.03cm is translucent and close to the skin color, which makes it blends right into skin and isn't very noticeable.
(*as claimed in description*)

Personally, what I like that it comes with many sizes and is in clear so it looks good on daylight. Basically it still semi-visible unless someone really spot on my face. I tried it on, it works perfectly on my acne. Anyway, sorry in advanced for the picture. Actually I used before my acne was 'mature' but I just forgot to take picture, the pictures above was just a simple guide on how to use it.

If you're OXY user especially on their famous OXY 5/10, did you feel a little painful when apply on acne spot like I do? I did! But the result was amazing. This is the reason why I a long-term user of OXY 5 when I'm a teenager. For result, OXY Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch works exactly like OXY 5 but the different was it does not gives me shock painful feeling when paste it on my acne spot. I barely feel and it just like a sticker on my face. Giving this patch a thumb up!

OXY Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch is a gentle yet effective acne fighter. I love the thinness with only 0.3cm and comes with three sizes of selection (0.8cm, 1.0cm and 1.2cm). Besides that, it barely see under daylight unless someone carefully spot my face. I never try to put on foundation on top of it so I have no idea either this patch can be cover or not, lol. Another point I love this patch was it comes with UV protection that helps to prevent the sun's UV from aggravating the inflames acne. Other than that, this patches also sweat-proof and waterproof as well.

PROS: Easy to use, Convenient, Thin, Variants sizes, Effectively, Affordable, UV protection, Sweatproof, Waterproof

CONS: None (will update if have)


SKIN TYPES: Acne skin
PRICES: MYR 13.90 / 26 pieces consisting of 3 different sized patches
MADE IN: Taiwan
AVAILABILITY: All leading Pharmacies & Major Supermarket Outlets Nationwide


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