Thursday, November 13, 2014

[Food] Old Town White Curry

Foodie junky please ALERT!

Speaking about White Curry, is well-known must-eat local food when travelling Penang. Besides that, there was also a famous white curry instant noodle that able for everyone to buy at any supermarkets. My favorite white curry instant noodle is MyKuali and I believe MyKuali is well-known enough for the popularity.

I am so happy when OLD TOWN White Coffee was collaborating with MyKuali because OLDTOWN is one of my favorite 'yumcha' place. I love the modern antique old-lifestyle cafe environment plus my nearby OLDTOWN was in 24 hours that allows me to throw my bubbly saliva without care about time, lol.

Anyway, OLDTOWN White Curry was made by combining OLDTOWN's in house special soup base and noodles, with MyKuali's White Curry Paste to formed a series of White Curry in their outlets. The White Curry series features a range with five types of noodles from Mee, Meehoon, Hor Fun, Macaroni and Pan Mee. Not only that, there is also a featured Side Dish of White Curry Fish Balls for those who prefer a lighter meal or as a meal accompaniment.

Too cool down the hot and spicy selection, OLDTOWN was also launching a new drink, Peanut White Freezy. Using soya based with peanut then topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to cooling, creamy perfect ending to a bowl of White Curry Noodles.

5 variants of noodle for White Curry series to choose from
Mee | Meehoon | Hor Fun | Macaroni | Pan Mee

My favorite noodles are Pan Mee and Hor Fun. Personally I am Pan Mee fans, it match very well with White Curry soup. It is bouncy and absorbing the white curry yet not too soaky.

Hor Fun surprisingly was also matching well with White Curry soup. I also recommend to try Macaroni because you might be surprising of the fusion combination with White Curry soup. 

OLDTOWN White Curry Mee (MYR 7.90)

OLDTOWN White Curry MeeHoon (MYR 7.90)

OLDTOWN White Hor Fun (MYR 8.90)

OLDTOWN White Curry Macaroni (MYR 8.90)

OLDTOWN White Curry Pan Mee (MYR 9.90)

OLDTOWN White Curry Fish Balls (MYR 3.90)
for lighter meal or as a meal accompaniment

OLDTOWN Peanut White Freezy (MYR 7.80 *ala carte | MYR 4.60 *add on)
Peanut pairs with soya based and then topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. It is creamy and flavorful. Nice peanut fragrant with the vanilla ice-cream brings the dimension of flavour when drinking it. 

What is your favorite noodle would you like to try?
I'm definitely hands up to Pan Mee while Macaroni is a interesting combination.

Anyway, White Curry Series are available at the majority of OLDTOWN outlets in Penisular Malaysia.
The promotion will commence start from 17th November 2014 until 31 January 2015 or while stocks last.

View their menu here,

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