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[Event] Toshiba Newest Launch of Smart Technology Products

Fast backward to my short getaway to Genting with Nuffnagers Team for Toshiba Newest Launch of Smart Technology Products. Toshiba has some surprises in store for the consumer this year that they will love.

The theme was "Smart Technology, Smart Future". The philosophy behind this theme is to offering consumers a whole range of modern and exciting products that make a home, truly a home. A place where one will look forward to come home to everyday, complete with all the modern conveniences that most of us desire.

Toshiba as a brand envisions a smarter community and smarter lifetsyle for everyone, everywhere in the world. This includes the ecological and environmental aspects, energy saving innovations, practical product refinements, user-friendly options and an innovative design synergy that blends in perfectly with modern living requirements.


Toshiba's team that officially launched the Toshiba Convention 2014

Toshiba Pro Theatre L9450 Series

The highlight of Toshiba Convention 2014 was focus on introducing the new Big Screen Pro Theatre line-up, comprising the Ultra HD-L94 Series up to 84 inches playing with Android Operating System, the Android L54 Series up to 55 inches and the basic L24 Series which showcase TV models up to 55 inches.

The unique upscaling technology, 4k Resolution+ consisting of an array of sophisticated image improvement processes, is able to reproduce the precision, colors and brilliance in the original 1080p content using 4K Fine Texture Restoration and 4K Brilliance Restoration, this providing near Ultra HD quality even on normal 2k content.

Wide Colour Gamut Panel provides richer color with astonishing accuracy
High-Brightness Panel HDR Restoration features innovative technology for a more immersive experience
Direct LED with Local Dimming that dramatically improves overall contrast
50% improvement of speaker deliveration comparing with previous model
Active Motion & Resolution Plus 3100 to reduces motion blur and keeps up with action and motion for crisp, clear and enhanced images to viewers

Multi-door refrigerator G-Series (GR-G62FM, Net IEC 465L)

Another highlight product from Toshiba, the new refrigerator model with an Inverter multi-door (6 doors) refrigerator called the G-Series that is elegant and stylish glass floor finishing and fine craftsmanship, the main features are its well-organized design with a middle-positioned vegetable compartment, its ability to preserve taste and freshness due to its innovative techonology and energy-saving 'ECO' operation.

- Unique Middle-Positioned Vegetable Compartment 
- Preserve the Taste and Freshness
- 'ECO' Operation for excellent Energy Savings
- The Perfect Complement to your Comtemporary Home

Other features that you will find useful in Toshiba's new G-Series refrigerator: 
Inverter Compressor - maximise efficiency and help save energy. It guarantees savings in your household electricity bill.
Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) - also known as ECO operation for more effective cooling and a more stable, consistent temperature to optimise the freshness and longevity of food stored.
Quick Freezing - lowers temperature to have ice crystal formation in a short period of time.
Vegetable Freezing - easy storage for vegetables without parboiling.
Hot Food Freezing - allows hot food to be cooled in freezer without the need for cooling down.
12-year compressor warranty (upon online registration and valid for selected refrigerators purchased from 1 July 2013 to 31 July 2016 only).  

Magic Drum S-DD Inverter Washing Machine

The washing machine's selling point is its new "Magic Drum", or tub, that is able to repel dirt and grime effectively as it comes with a dirt-proof coating. This will result in much cleaner and fresher clothes which will be especially appreciated by those with more sensitive skin such as the elderly or babies, or those having skin allergies.

Another big advantage of the Magic Drum besides cleaner clothes is that is can save maintenance labour efforts by up to one-third. Without the Magic Drum, the usual 'Tub Clean' course process runs once every month. With Magic Drum, the 'Tub Clean' course process only run once every three months that can saving on electricity costs, time and effort expended.

- Powerful Washing Technology for Sensationally Clean Clothes
- Quite Operation, Energy-Saving Wonder
- More Value-Added Features
- Washing Will Be A Breeze... Witht this Stylish Wonder

Other products introducing in the same time as well....

It's totally increase my knowledge on Toshiba Electronic Stuff; such an eye opening for me. Thank you Toshiba for the awesome doorgift and not forgot special thanks to Nuffnang for expending this invitation to me. Seriously I am having fun with bunch of playful blogger.

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