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[MakeUp] TheCandySkin Makeup Chapter 2

Bonjour my lovely~

Anyone heard of the sweetest local brand in town, TheCandySkin? If you're my friends on facebook or instagram, then you probably knew that I posted a picture on their newest launch lipstick. Fred not! I am so in love with the packaging. It reminds one of my favorite brand of LADURÉE but TheCandySkin was in way more affordable. :)

TheCandySkin is not strange in my blog. I probably did review and pictorial about their product before. I just love all the products they sent to me before especially Sweet Palette which was my favorite and I almost using it everyday.

If you keen to know more, you may visit by clicking the link below:

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Not talking much more, I would like to continue my review journey of this brand. I am going to review their latest addiction product which are:
Flawless Foundation Cream
 Oh!My Own Falsie Mascara
 Velvet Matte Lipstick


My skintone is yellow undertone but I prefer my foundation is in pink undertone, therefore the color shade I got for myself is in #MACADAMIA, a fair ivory pink shade which suitable for medium fair skin tone. TheCandySkin Flawless Foundation Cream has 6 color shades from fair to dark with pink and yellow undertone.

TheCandySkin Flawless Foundation Cream is a creamy base makeup foundation that offers medium to high coverage for my skin. It only took me two layers of coverage to perfectly cover my scars and dark circles without creating masses or marks of layer. It also can be used as a concealer or tattoo cover-up.

It gives me a very healthy glow finish, so for those who love dewy skin look, this cream foundation should be in your list. By the way, I am using Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder to set my face and remains the glow from the foundation (pls refer picture above↑). There's two methods to apply this foundation cream which are using sponge aka beauty blender or brush. Personally I am prefer using cushion sponge like 'this' to apply.

The texture of TheCandySkin Flawless Foundation Cream is very creamy, smooth and rich. It is moist, easy to apply, buildable coverage yet non-cakey. For those who love light-weight feeling, this foundation is boo! because this foundation cream is slightly thicker but every cream foundation are mostly the same. After apply, I have a slight greasy feeling but not sticky or velvety. The feeling is decreased after set using setting powder and it's doesn't creates fine lines or marks.

After several hours, this foundation cream does not smudge; still stay perfectly. For oil control part, is consider normal; my T-zone is get oily (combination oily skin), I still have to touch up with powder like normal. For long lasting part, this foundation cream did a great job. The coverage is perfect cover even after a long hours of journey. Yet I didn't experiencing any darkening phenomenon (oxidation) after long hours.


SHADES: Macadamia (Fair Ivory Pink Shade)
COVERAGE: Medium-High
PRICES: MYR 60 / 17g
MADE IN: Formulated in Japan

I really think TheCandySkin always put effort on developing great product for their consumers. Another product I would like to give them thumb up as well is this mascara, Oh! My Own Falsie Mascara. It is a very normal black tube design with logo sticker on lid but somehow I would prefer TheCandySkin could put more effort on the packaging since Im'ma sucker of packaging and I believe a good presentation always good in catching attention.

Oh! My Own Falsie Mascara comes with superior brush technology and innovative formulas let you create whatever lash look you set your eyes on. Lengthening or volumizing formulas with incredible curl or amazing definition. Break every law of lengthening with 3.5mm of measure extension. *(as claims in description provided)*

I like the brush head design (pls refer picture above↑). It is a "flexor brushes" design, which is one of my favorite brushes design I've used. It's really helps to separate and lengthening my short lashes without creating much clump. For voluminous, I giving this mascara only 2 out of 5; it does volumizes my lashes but not giving a wow pow for me.

This mascara only comes with black color. It is not superior type of black; just a normal black. This mascara isn't a dry formula, but it's also not a wet formula either. It's pretty smooth and easy when applying but it does dry pretty quickly. My lashes feel a little dry and slight crunchy when it dries. Perhaps I might dry up the formula by using eyelashes heat curler when curling it. Who knows?! But I pretty sure this mascara is on dry side. However, it holds a curl well and doesn't flake or smudge all day.

I love how this mascara gives me a desire lash look with only one coat. This mascara is easy buildable but it does creates clump. I apply two coats on the picture above and I find the clumps are still acceptable for me.

Is this mascara waterproof /  oil-proof / smudge-proof?
Hmm... I couldn't give a exact answer of waterproof since I am not testing this out (literally I forgot! Lol) but somehow I believe it should be no problem unless you are going to jump into swimming pool like a mad, haha. Izzit oil-proof? Yes! Is oil proof! So for those who have oily lid should gives this a try; or you can put a layer of powder to prevent stamping afterwards if you're worry. By the way, is smudge-proof as well.


COLOR: Black
PRICES: MYR 33.90 / 8ml

Guess if you're packaging sucker, this lipstick definitely bangs your heart so well! So do am I! I just fall in love with the first sight when I saw this lipstick on TheCandySkin's Instagram. Frankly speaking, it's reminds me of LADURÉE every time I saw these lipstick.

A metallic white pen type of lipstick and gold rose at bottom with beautiful black pendant chain. Besides that, I love the pattern details printed on it as well. Definitely giving a high rave for the design. It's so fairy, dreamy yet not lose classy. There's always comes with a BUT! I have to minus some point on their scrolling part, it's a bit lacky when scrolling the lipstick up.

Velvet Matte Lipstick by TheCandySkin are available in 12 color shades; from nude to dark that suits for yellow and pink skin undertone. What I got myself is in #02, #07, #09 & #10 (shades you may refer pictures below↓). 

02 La Pâquerette 雏菊 
It is a beige pink based with a beautiful orange undertone. It looks flattering on fair-medium skintone.

People said that choosing a red lipstick that suits yourself the best is tricky, but for me, choosing a nude lipstick that suits me the best is even trickier. #02 La Pâquerette 雏菊 really surprising me! I never thought that I could felt in love with any nude color. This shade really suits my warm skintone yet giving me a natural looks. Definitely fall in love with this color!

07 L'aubépine 山楂花 
A bright coral color with a slight purple undertone. It is a playful color that makes you become a cheerful girl.

This shade is my most favorite ever! You will totally jaw drop if I told you that I have almost 50 similar shades in different kind of brands excluding those where still in my storage boxes. No doubt! Fuchsia pink coral color really brighten up my skintone yet giving me a vivid personalize feminine color. 07 L'aubépine 山楂花 is a mid-tone fuchsia pink with purple undertones. It almost looks warm-toned against my skin tone.

09 La Galéga 山羊花
A natural rose taupe with a hint of purple undertone. It's definitely a nice color for Asian's skintone. It makes you look like a natural born beauty.

#09 La Galéga 山羊花 is a cool purplish-pink color with purple undertone. There's a definite pinkish-gray tint to it, as it reads cool and little natural. Recommend this color for pink undertone where will show the skin brighter.

10 La Giroflée des jardins 夜紫羅蘭
It is a wine-grape color, leaning more dark fuchsia than red. Get it to try. If you're starting out with red and want something not too over the top. As it is beautiful color that will brighten up your face.

#10 La Giroflée des jardins 夜紫羅蘭 is the perfect shade for fall/winter look. This color is blue undertone light-medium dark of reddish wine in between a little plum and burgundy. This color shade is recommend for all skin tone but will enhance under cool skintone.

The long lasting, non drying formula is enriched with emollients for a creamy texture. It got a combination of high quality ingredients ensure long-lasting, seamless color for hours. It is great for lining, all over the lip color, or pairing with another lip product. The most important this is wallet-friendly too! *(as claims in description provided)*

Velvet Matte Lipstick is a creamy matte lipstick. However there’s a slight sheen to it, so I wouldn’t describe it as matte. The texture is creamy, smooth and rich. It had mostly opaque color coverage that applied evenly without settling into lip lines. The application was easy to blend for a softer looks. This lipstick has a high moisture, my lips doesn't dry up for long hours; for dry lips I would still like suggest you guys to prime with lil balm for better moisture. The color is transferable and have to beware of smudging and come off especially when eating.


SHADES: - 02 La Pâquerette 雏菊
- 07 L'aubépine 山楂花
- 09 La Galéga 山羊花
- 10 La Giroflée des jardins 夜紫羅蘭
PRICES: MYR 49.90 / 4g

I will giving out two sets of TheCandySkin Makeup to two lucky readers to try it out.

TheCandySkin Makeup:-
- Mini Cream Foundation
- Mini Lipstick

Follow the instructions below to complete the contest.
Good luck everyone o(≧v≦)o

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  1. I love TheCandySkin! I love all of the products' packaging! The velvet matte lipstick's packaging and colours caught me eye the most! <3 <3

    1. You've should really try it. The packaging was such a temptation. You know~~ Girls attitude ahahah

  2. I love TheCandySkin <3 Love the OH! My Own Falsie Mascara the most!

  3. I love TheCandySkin. I adore the packaging of Velvet Matte Lipstick by TheCandySkin. It is just so sweet and pretty that I don't even have the heart to throw it away even after finishing off the lipstick ^-^

  4. "I love TheCandySkin because the packaging is just adorable!! And knowing that it is a local brand makes me want to try them and support them!

    1. Their product really not bad plus the price is reasonable too :D

  5. The packaging for the lip products are so nice~~~~~~~ Am getting it when it has a bazaar XD

    1. Yes~ Too adorable and pretty to get it :) Furfer, they have pop-up store at The Curve there :)

  6. The Candy Skin lipstick is so dorable!!

  7. I love TheCandySkin! The mascara effect is really amazing....

    1. I think it will be even looks greater on you. :D

  8. I love TheCandySkin, the lipstick, mascara and foundation cream looks great! really want to try it

  9. I love TheCandySkin.
    Hi, Chency. you look great with applying the L'aubépine lipstick!

    1. Thank you Jayce :) #07 L'aubépine is my favorite color among all the lipstick I'd picked. :D

  10. I love TheCandySkin, especially the Velvet Matte Lipsticks! The packaging is enough to capture my heart. I am a sucker for lip products and I think these are simply irresistable! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Same here. I love love love... die love lips product. Blame myself the moment I tried lipstick on my lips. ahahaha XD