Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[Gadget] Philips VisaPure

Philips VisaPure

Another interesting facial cleansing device has finally steps in Malaysia! This time is from Philips, the famous electrical brand. Philips has developed the revolutionary Philips VisaPure to empower consumers to make their beauty routines simpler and more convenient with the latest technology available.

We know that the first step to healthy, rejuvenated skin is a daily cleansing routine that works well, but sometimes by just washing and applying facial products aren't enough. With proper cleansing techniques and hydration, these skin concerns can be managed.

The need for a good cleansing routine is essential in helping to keep acne and blemishes at bay. These skin problems can be eradicated with proper cleansing techniques and hydration. Sufferers of acne and those who lament about their dull, uneven skin tone often find that their complexion improves greatly after changing their skincare routine to incorporate steps that ensure impurities, dirt and makeup residue are removed thoroughly before bedtime. Yet, cleansing has a world of complexities of its own!

Philips VisaPure provides a gentle, thorough cleanse for the face and decolletage, revitalizing the skin to swiftly reveal a more radiant complexion. The fully waterproof, Philips VisaPure is the only cleansing system in the word that features ‘DUAL MOTION' technology, can can be used in the shower for true convenience. It creates a comfortable massaging effect that improves micro-circulation beneath the skin's surface to bring out skin's natural radiance.


1. Manual Intrusction &Quick Start Guide
2. Charging standing dock
3. Adapter
4. Sensitive Brush Head
5. Normal Brush Head
6. VisaPure Cleansing Device
7. Travel Pouch

The model on my hand is SC5275 model 
(2 speed settings with 1 normal skin brush and 1 sensitive skin brush)

Philips VisaPure in SC5275 model with 2 speed settings (1 for normal cleansing; 2 for deep cleansing)
also comes with 2 brushes (normal & sensitive brush)

Standing dock with charging system provides easy charging system and looks convenient

Travel pouch for easy travel and to protect device

comes with two brushes in a kit; normal (white) & sensitive (pink) brush

Philips VisaPure is using 'Dual Motion' technology, the brush rotates and vibrates across skin to lift dirt and impurities trapped in skin as it works to clean skin. The vertical pulsating movement gently breaks up surface impurities including dirt, dead skin cells and makeup residue, while the rotating movement sweeps the impurities away, leaving the skin more deeply cleansed. The coordinated movement of the bristles also creates a comfortable massaging effect that improves micro-circulation, which helps to bring out your skin's natural radiance, and give you a glow that radiates from within.

Philips VisaPure provdes a gentle, thorough cleanse for your face or decolletage in just one minute; the face divided into three zones; T-zone, left cheek and right cheek. It has Skin Zone Timer Alert to start switching zones after 20 seconds with a short pause. Therefore, 20 seconds for left cheek20 secs for right cheek and 20 secs for T-zone. The full program lasts one minute after which the device automatically switches off to avoid over-stimulation.

Guide's Instruction

There's 3 kinds of brush heads available:
- Normal brush for all skin type (MYR 59)
- Sensitive brush for extra delicate sensitive skin type (MYR65)
- Exfoliating brush for exfoliation treatment (MYR 69)

Normal and Sensitive brush head is suggests to use 3 months while Exfoliating brush head is 6 months for hygiene purposes. Personally feel it's also depends how frequently you've use the brush because it contains bacteria after a long term uses just like toothbrush.

There's two models available for choose which are SC5275 model (this one in my blog) and 
SC5265 model (1 speed setting and 1 normal skin brush head)

Normal Brush Head for all skin types. 
The brush head is extra soft yet can be use everyday day and night.

Sensitive Brush Head is specifically designed for sensitive skin-types that require extra attention and care. 
The brush head is extra soft to touch and minimizing abrasion.

Exfoliating Brush Head is for a deep clean. This brush head has exfoliating effect to gently remove dull and dead skin cells. 
The grey color bristles is the exfoliation while the white color part is normal bristles that still provide a gentle exfoliation.


MODEL: SC5275 (2 speed settings and 2 brush heads (normal & sensitive))
BRUSHES: Normal (RM59) | Sensitive (MYR 65) | Exfoliating (MYR 69)
DESIGNED IN: Netherlands
AVAILABILITY: Philips Beauty Counter at Harvey Norman & Isetan

For further information, please visit


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