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[MakeUp] Mary Quant Smoo Make Powder Foundation

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If you're one of my friends that followed my blog for sometime, then this brand, Mary Quant shouldn't be strange for you. Since everyone is bubbling about the awesome of Mary Quant Smoo Make Powder Foundation, of coz I gonna join the heat as well, lol. #kiasugirl

Mary Quant Smoo Make Powder Foundation is available in 8 color shades. The highly moisuturising powder foundation that controls the light and creates the ideal skin color, texture and three-dimensional appearance. Powders that incorporate ample moisture adhere to the skin as if dissolving onto it. The foundation gently covers visible pores and dull skin color, creating radiant, firm, smooth skin.
(*as claim in description)

So yea! Here's my personal review version on Mary Quant Smoo Make Powder Foundation in O-40 Natural shade.

Separate boxes 
(Color Palette Case in S & Powder Foundation in shade O-40 Natural)

Mary Quant is one of my favorite in packaging wise. I love the details in the design that makes the packaging class, sleek, a tad of antique vintage while also elegant as well. The case is in black classy color; black is always the best color for me. Wondering if you guys have the same feeling like me? The design reminds me of Anna Sui with combination of Marc Jacob Daisy Frangrance. Perhaps their concept style are in the same way. By the way, there has a Mary Quant signature logo on top center of the case too.

For the powder foundation powder, I love the details of it. Many Mary Quant signature logos (daisy) printed into the powder. It's so beautiful and elegant while not lost the present of the brand. By the way, the case and the powder foundation are sold in separately. The case I got here is Mary Quant Color Palette Case in S size.

Like what I mention, I got mine in shade O-40 Natural. Mary Quant Smoo Make Powder Foundastion are available for 8 color shades which are a huge selection color but still stick to more Asian's skin tone. O-40 Natural I could say is universal and suits more to light yellow undertone skin tone. If you're prefer rose undertone, you may pick other shades like R-20 Rose Pink.

Smoo Make Powder Foundation can be applying alone or after liquid foundation. It doesn't really matter. This powder foundation offer light to medium coverage. The more you apply, the better coverage you will get BUT have to be careful try not turns into cakey girl. I tried both. Personally I would like to use this after have my foundation on because I prefer a better coverage finish. When I used this powder foundation alone, it requires me two to three layers for a medium coverage. Although this powder foundation doesn't make me look or feel cakey but I would prefer if only one layer then enough. You know! Lazy girl attitude, lol XD

The texture of Smoo Make Powder Foundation is so smooth and light. Another part I like this powder foundation is blends very well with my skin tone or foundation. It gives a minimum of sheer glow that gives you a nice healthy glow finish. It also doesn't cover the basis glow of my foundation or base because I love dewy finish. For oil control part, I could say it doesn't really pleasant me so well because I own a combination skin which my T-zone will becomes oil after few hours. This powder foundation only can last for around 2.5 to 4 hours depending on condition on the day. I have to put another touch up session after that.

Let's talk a thing that I really dislike. I do not like that this Smoo Make Powder Foundation does not comes with puff as well. Mary Quant offers two kinds of puff that sold separately which are Smoo Puff and Smoo Puff in L. By the way, I like using powder brush to set the powder foundation on my face but I definitely will be happier if they comes in a set.

Mary Quant Smoo Make Powder Foundation are available in 8 different shades; quite a huge color selection but suits for Asian's skin tone. I love the packaging design no matter the case or the powder foundation; it is details, classy and antique sleek. I recommend changing the case from Color Palette in S size to Color Palette in L size while also top up budget for a smoo puff so this powder foundation is universal travel friendly. By the way, each of them are sold separately which makes me in love-hate relationship with this powder foundation. The love is the quality and designs really makes me fall in love while also can recycling and saving money to buy the powder foundation only on next purchase but for the hate is I have to add on budget for my first time buy.

The texture is smooth and light. It can use it alone or with foundation. It blends perfectly into my skin and foundation and doesn't creates cakey and thick. I love the finishing which creates minimum sheer glow. Oil control considers normal for me but what I like was when I touch up, at least it won't make it thicker or cakey.

PROS: Quality product, Smooth & Light texture, Beautiful design, Compact, Creates minimum sheer glow, Huge selection of color shades

CONS: Everything in seperately, Powder foundation doesn't comes with puff *boo!


BRAND: Mary Quant
SHADES 8 shades available
Y-01 Invory | Y-10 Fresh | R-20 Soft Pink | Y-30 Beige | O-40 Natural | Y-50 Country Clay | O-60 Tan | O-80 Bronze
PRICES: MYR 108 / 10g
MADE IN: Japan 

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