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[Gadget] Clarisonic Deep Pore Decongesting Solution

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Welcome back to my another review of Clarisonic Deep Pore Decongesting Solution. Here's my another update (link here) if you're wish to read it; it's basically about the details and specification of this cleanser.

Today I'm back with my personal review and experience usage of using this cleanser machine. For your recap, Clarisonic Deep Pore Decongesting System is a solution that targets more to enlarged and congested pores and suitable for all skin types. It helps to reduces pore appearance and helps control excess oil on skin's surface, for visibly clearer looking skin.

Here is the comparison before and after of my usage after theree times usage.


After (three time usage)

So far, I get this gadget for about two weeks and only use three times in total. I treated this as my treatment tool but not everyday because I do not wish my face has seem too harsh for it. So what I did was using this solution to cleanse my face with Deep Pore Daily Cleanser, and then I will apply Decongesting Clay Mask on specific areas that I wanna spot on. After that I will apply my normal skincare regime and then follow by mask of the day I'd choose.

The difference I can see on my bare eyes was this solution really helps to deep cleanse the dirt on my face. Imagine I have to wear makeup everyday and all those leftover makeup still stay on face then turns into bacteria. Omo! I seriously can't imagine. If you curious want to know the different about using hand and solution, you may refer 'HERE'. When I test my hydration level, it really have a quite big difference with using and without.

Although I don't have good baby skin but I still quite lucky that my skin still not bad. After the second time usage, I am having slight breakout (consider quite bad for me because I have never have breakout before). Yes! You're right! Is the cause of using this solution BUT I have to clarify that this problem is pretty common as well. You can ask Clarisonic users about this, and most of them will say the same answer to you.

No worry! It's actually not quite a big deal because after breakout, I can see how awesome is my skin. It almost like the effect of peeling skin (in mild and long term wise). My makeup base or foundation stay longer, face become smoother and  reduction of makeup base or foundation usage. The best part are my blackheads become lesser while pores become smaller. Not over stating! It's true! I really can see the improvement of my blackheads and pores. *thumb up

Follow the direction. Remember please do not 
over use this.

20 secs on forehead, 20 secs (10secs each) on 
nose & chin, 10 secs each on right & left cheek

After cleansing, gently pat your face dry.

Here's my face after. My face becomes
smoother &brighter

Then, I will apply Deep Pore Decongesting Clay Mask
on my dry clean face

I only apply on specific area like forehead, nose
& cheek

Only apply a thin layer then enough & wait for
10-15 mins depending on personal preference 

After 15 mins, the clay mask is dry now. I have a slight
tighten sensation only

Clean the mask with solution. It's optional! You can clean with finger too.

Here's my face after using the mask. Nothing special!
But I feel like having home facial treatment. :)

Then, apply my normal skincare regime & put on
hydration mask (optional)


BRAND: Clarisonic
AVAILABILITY: Exclusive at Sephora

So here's the end of this post. I will continue update about my experience of using this
Clarisonic on the next post. Hope you guys will like it.
So yea! Enjoy reading everyone❤

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