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[Camera] Stylish Because I can ft. Samsung NX Mini

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It's been awhile since my last sharing about Samsung NX Mini Smart Camera. If you want to see the quality outcome pictures by using this camera with basic lens (NX-M 9mm F3.5 ED Lens), or want to know more about the specification / details review on this camera, you can search back my two previous post that I blogged.

I've been using Samsung NX Mini Smart Camera for more than three months and still counting right now. This camera becomes one of my go go camera because I love how compact and stylish is this with quality performance. In this post, I am going to share my using experience and how was my personal though on this camera, Samsung NX Mini Smart Camera.

Just some recap information, Samsung NX Mini Smart Camera currently is the world slimmest and lightest interchangeable lens camera, come with five color variants which are black, white, brown, pink and mint green. Besides that, this camera comes with built-in flash and also fill-in flash, mirrorless 'flip-up' design, and choices of interchangeable lens camera while also pocket-friendly and stylish.

What's in my bag daily?
Louis Vuitton Wallet | Binger Watch | Giogio Armani Spectacle | iPhone 5 | Prada Sunglasses |
USB Cable | Wifi Stash | Casio TR100 | Laneige Compact Powder & Lip Tints | Stylenanda / Lancome Lips

Guess nowadays many social-nista would like to sharing by capturing down the moment to their social media online especially when Instagram is bred! No joke! I am become one of the victim by the virus too ahahaha~

Anyway, my personal preference was jotted down my momento by using camera but not phone's camera although they claim how freaking good mega pixels they own. Don't get me wrong! Phone's camera is good but not the best because I always found camera creates the best quality outcome of pictures. I bet many of you understanding what the meaning I'm saying.

So how's good is Samsung NX Mini can perform? Here's my personal thought of this camera!

What I LOVE about Samsung NX Mini

• pocket & travel friendly
• stylish & compact
• dirty doesn't stain on surface
• easy to control & functioning
• easy transfer to phone (share on the go)
• mirrorless 'flip-up' design (easy for selfie)
• touch screen & fast sensitivity
• many effects to play with
• nice color performance
• quality performance & picture outcome
• have built-in flash & fill-in flash

What I HATE about Samsung NX Mini

• design not providing lens cape
• single camera strap design
• extra care on this camera
• have to buy body case for it

Samsung NX Mini Smart Camera in #White with basic lens (NX-M 9mm F3.5 ED Lens)

The surface texture of this camera is sophisticated leatherette design and it's never get stain easily by any dirts in my personal experience. Overall this camera is stylish and I absolute fall in love with the design; sleek and thin enough yet with high outcome performance with a huge selection of colors specially for own preferences. My favorite color would be coffee because it's so classic and kinda vintage for me but not available yet since when last time when I get opportunity to try this camera, so white is perfect for me.

Question: Did your white Samsung NX Mini starts to turn yellowish?
My answer is NO but my strap is, hahahaa. I think is time to change to a more funky style of strap. This camera has been following me daily (really!) everywhere in my bag for more than three months. If you're know me in person, you know how messy was my bag! Even sometime I'm hard to find something in my bag. So far, the color is still marshmallow white and no dirt stains on the surface. The dirt is easy to wipe off by just using wet tissue. It's still look brand new until now.

Question: How is the color performance?
If you like something bright and vibrant then this camera might bangs your heart. The color performance is more to yellow tone which makes overall picture is more vibrant in contrast and colorful. It can easily capture a catchy picture but it's not really good when shooting night scene. It's need helps from 'aperture' function and also from flash (preferable fill-in flash) to capture a sharp and attractive picture. If your requirement are not professional picky like me, then basically this has nothing effect for you because Samsung NX Mini smart enough to helping you to adjust the environment.

Question: How about the lens?
I have tried both lens. I am absolute hands up for external lens (NX-M 9-27mm F.35-5.6 ED OIS Lens) for the reason is zoomable and setting adjustable. In simple way, basic lens is like a pancake lens or so call portrait lens while external lens is zoom with wide angle lens.

If you're keen with Samsung NX Mini and have no budget for both lens, I recommend to top up some money changing basic lens to external lens which will made your life even happier, lol.

Here's the easy and simple table comparison between basic lens and external lens I did to those who are curious and confusing; also specialist for noobie who not understand well functionatic of a camera.

Samsung NX Mini Smart Camera
NX-M 9mm F3.5 ED Lens
NX-M 9-27mm F.35-5.6 ED OIS
Basic Lens
External Lens
  Brightness adjustable? (ISO)
  Shutter speed adjustable?
  Aperture adjustable? (Depth of Field / Contrast)
  Manual setting

Samsung NX Mini is my bestie when comes to capturing the deli of food.

Question: How light is Samsung Camera and izzit hard to play to control?
Samsung NX Mini only ultra slim with 22.5mm & light which is only 158g where I could say is a size of normal compact camera but will big performance. You will never feel heavy and burden when bringing it out anywhere. That's why this camera becomes my go go camera.

For controlling wise, I am super understand the feeling when a camera comes with 'pro'-setting. It's really kinda annoying when comes to complicated adjustment especially for those who are newbie or people who lazy to explore (one big dummy DLSR already made us headache). Samsung NX Mini is really easy to play with. I love the smart system by clicking the effect mode I want and then only need to adjust brightness and contrast, that's all. The setting system is really easy to understand.

Question: Izzit good when capturing night scene or action ?
You can refer the quality and outcome of pictures when I took at Sam Tsui & Kurt Hugo Live Performance by using Samsung NX Mini with basic lens (NX-M 9mm F3.5 ED Lens).

For action part, I give this camera 4.5/5 because when I captured Sam Tsui on stage, he tended to be so super active moving around the stage during the performance. No joke! I tried so hard to follow his movement. Samsung NX Mini did quite a great job because 95% pictures I found is all clear. The only regret was I brought the wrong lens; should brought external lens (NX-M 9-27mm F.35-5.6 ED OIS) so I can zoom for close-up shot.

For night scene, I still kinda confusing right now. All I could say is depending on the light surrounding the environment. For the performance, the color outcome is awesome. Vibrant, clear and catchy. I gives a big thumb up! By the way, I am using 'Auto Mode' for the performance.

Question: What is your dislike on Samsung NX Mini?
Overall, this camera is a worth to invest for BUT the only thing I HATE is the lack design on lens. The lens head's design doesn't provide a cape for it. Seriously! This makes me feel so annoying and have to be extra careful when this camera lives in my war bag. However, this problem comes with a solution as well which is have to invest a clothes for this camera. Samsung also selling body case for this model. You can also invest a cheaper body case for this model as well by finding online. No worry! O(∩_∩)O~

180° mirrorless flip-up design, perfect for selfie time  | Stylish & Sleek Design

Samsung NX Mini is a worthy camera to invest because it is small like compact but own a pro-system body. Another kill shot for you is Samsung NX Mini comes with five color variants suiting your personal preference. For overall performance, Samsung Camera is smart. It helps to auto adjust your picture so for those who want a nice picture with less work, here's you go! I recommend top up your budget changing to external lens instead of basic lens because external lens is adjustable and zoomable especially in a dim environment. Not only that, it comes with 180° mirrorless flip-up design with many selfie mode like wink shot or smile shot to makes our life easier when selfie. It also has share-on-the-go function by uploading straight to social media or transferring to phone, all you gonna do is go download Samsung App. 


BRAND: Samsung
COLORS: White, Black, Coffee, Pink, Mint Green
IMAGE SENSOR: 20.5 effective megapixel BSI CMOS sensor
FLASH: Built-in Flash | External Flash attachment
LENS: NX-M 9mm F3.5 ED Lens (Basic Lens) | NX-M 9-27mm F.35-5.6 ED OIS Lens (External)
PRICES: MYR 1399 | for body with a 9mm kit lens 
AVAILABILITY: Electronic / Camera Retail Shops or selected Samsung Outlets

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  1. The best camera review I ever read, seriously. Most people just took photo without further elaboration. And you honestly mentioned the pros and cons as well.