Saturday, July 5, 2014

[Aesthetic] Nose Enhancement with Dermal Filler

Yes! As what the topic wrote – I got my very first filler treatment

Bonjour my lovely ❤❤❤

It's July now! Yahoo!!! I am really excited because is my Birthday month. You know what to do de hor?Ahahahaha.....  Somehow July is a busy month as well because am busy with many kind of stuffs. Yet also the most acceptable reason to persuade myself to get pamper.

The first thing I get to pampered myself is...... Yes! Like what am mentioned, I got my very first nose filler treatment from ME Clinic. I have never had any filler treatment before this although feeling wanna try to but somehow I am kinda scare because I have no example friends around me that had filler treatment until few of my friends did filler treatment not long ago. Then they try to tend me to do as well since I always want to try too.

Like finally.... I have nose!!! *FTW

For those who see me in real, congrats because you know how ugly am I. Shading technique (make up) becomes the 'MUST' whenever I put on makeup because my face structure is so flat. No joke! It's true! I never want to capture any of my side face because I don't have nose bridge. I mean my nose bridge is low. My nose type considers as turned-up nose and my ideal nose shape is roman nose. At least my nose is not beneath and flat when see on side face.

Therefore, after several of thinking, finally I decided to gift myself a nose filler treatment at ME Clinic because I heard many good response feedback from friends and online medias as well. Since surgery is kinda risky and have no turn-back, therefore I went to ME Clinic, the trusted clinic for nose enhancement. At least is fast, safer and acceptable for public because dermal filler treatment is very common in the market nowadays.

Injectable dermal fillers, also known as hyaluronic acid fillers, are one of the most popular facial rejuvenation treatments that offer from beauty clinic and are highly effective anti-ageing treatment with instant results and virtually no down time.

The filler I did on my nose is Juvederm Voluma (USA). Juvederm is a family of hyaluronic acid filler. It is the first and only dermal (HA) fillers to be approved by US Food Drug and Administration (FDA). Juvederm Voluma filler is the one filler could last up to 24 months (Yes! Up to TWO YEARS!) and will be absorb by the body. This is the pro about having Juvederm Voluma. Besides that, it is a semi-permanent treatment, if go for permanent one, there might be a risk of side effect.  (>﹏<)

Juvederm Voluma (USA)

First before procedure, it is important to consult a doctor to analysis what is suitable or not for me. Doctor will consult and explain the filler to me. Is best to get advise from trusted doctor for not over doing it because doctor will try the best to enhance my feature without looking fake and unnatural.

Frankly speaking, at first I am going to have nose and chin filler. But after consulted with doctor, doctor assumed that the result of my chin will be bearable because my chin contains lots of fat. He even told me the best way to archive sharper chin is get myself to slim down! \(ㄒへㄒ)/ Okay lor~ I will always try my best to diet BUT I do found a way to makes my face get slimmer (will share it soonest). I also appreciate the honest feedback from doctor as well. At least, I never waste my precious time, money and expectation for low result and end up blaming the doctor.

After consulted with doctor, then we proceed to the treatment room and doctor's clique helps me to took picture before the procedure begin to showed the comparison after. Then, she helps me to remove and cleanse makeup (only nose area). After that, numb cream is applied to cut down the pain to 0%, then doctor helps me to inject Juvederm Voluma Dermal Filler. The whole treatment only took 10 to 15 minutes time to proceeded.

Remove makeup (nose area only)

Juvederm Voluma Dermal Filler injection

Final Result – Finally I have roman nose *wanna cry

Here's some comparison of my days after dermal filler treatment. Honestly, I am very happy with the result of my nose enhancement. I never expect a shape of nose could ever makes me look even prominent and better in side view. I can have better outcome of photo or in real now! Major love ❤❤❤ 
However, some redness, minor swelling or bruising may be experienced after treatment. It only took three days to heal completely for me (of coz! is depends on your personal skin sensitivity) without any scars. 

Some random photo pictures I found to show my flat nose, ahahahhaa

My first selfies after dermal fillers. Omo! I look so good on side view. (❤o❤)

The next two days of my naked face because of minor swelling or bruising on my nose area although am allow to put makeup on aldy but I tried not to disturb my injection part.

I am going out with bare face for almost six days and after that, I going to put on makeup like usual. No side reaction and happen on my face. Everything just like normally do.

I had dermal filler for more than two weeks. So far, am haven't back for touch up because my nose still perfect. I really happy when people told me that I'm become prettier but can't realize what is the different until I told them.  \(^o^)/

Again, I want to send my big heart hug to ME Clinic. I am so glad that trust you guys and the outcome was made my day... everyday! Hahahaha.... It was certainly a huge relief after it's over! I can't wait to meet them back for touching up soonest and telling them how satisfied I am with their services and professional.

For your information, ME Clinic is not new. ME Clinic was shifted from Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. The reason we shifted is because they want to make the seventh floor to be Taiwanese food court. ME Clinic is a licensed clinic that only provide FDA approved products and machines. ME Clinic provides aesthetic treatment, where by a little enhancement could increase one confident.

If you anyone of you keen with filler or other aesthetics, I have to always thumb up and recommend ME Clinic to you guys not because I getting paid to shout out (NO GETTING PAID AT ALL) but am really satisfied and trust with their professional friendly service.

LG-18, Lower Ground Floor,
Berjaya Times Square,
No.1 , Jalan Imbi , 55100,
Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.

Contact: 03-2143 3866
Whatapps: 018-2228122 

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  1. Your nose definitely look more prominent and it makes your feature prettier now when i look at the picture :) but for me, you are always the pretty girl i met from day 1 regardless nose filler or not ^_^

    1. Hello Mieza,

      Aww❤ Thank you so much. Your words definitely melt die me, hahaha
      Yes, I love how my nose looks better comparing with previous.


  2. hi dear may i know around how much is the price of nose filler?

    1. Hello CSY,

      Sorry, I have forgot the real price. But approximately around 2k more or less. I coundn't confirm with you. Sorry dear.
      My bad >,<


  3. wow this is nice! looking good!

  4. Wahh didn't know it makes such a huge improvement! You look great ^^

    xx Mandy

    1. Hello Mandy,

      Yes. It's helps to enhance my looks better. :)


  5. Hey Chency,

    Your nose looks a lot more defined now - it's stunning! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

    I write for a site at Cosmerience where our readers share reviews and photos about their cosmetic experiences. I write for a site at Cosmerience where our readers share reviews and photos about their cosmetic experiences. I'd love to get in touch with you - will send you a private message!

    1. Hello Teng Yan Yau,

      Thanks for comment. Wait for you pm. *wink*


  6. hi, is the clinic accept installment ?

    1. Yes, I think they accept. You can call them to confirm. :)

  7. How much,once make nose filler

    1. Not sure with the market price nowadays. Should be aroung 2.5k +

  8. Hi, the effect of nose filler can be maintained for how long?

    1. Is depends on what brand you go for. I getting Juverderm which is the top brand of filler can last up to 2 years. Normal brands was about 8 to 1 year. :D