Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[Contest] DOVE Show Off Your Hair in 14 Days

Hair acts an important rule in beauty presentation. Hair is the frame of the face. A good silky hair or attractive color / styles always can helps to sum up quite a big value of people. This explaining why a girl willing to spend money on their lovely hair including mine!!


Trust me! It's just simple as ABC! 
All you have to do is #selfie and then upload to Dove FB's app
*thumbs up 

To all selfie-nista, here's the detail. Dove is hosting a contest called 'Serlahkan Diri Dalam 14 Hari Dengan Dove' hopes to inspire women to let their confidence shine through once again as they overcome hair fall in 14 days while also introducing Dove Hair Fall Rescue System Shampoo Range.

Dove Hair Fall Rescue System
Dove Hair Fall Rescue System contains a ground-breaking technology, Trichazole Actives help anchor hair firmly in place at the roots, nourishing the area where hair fall occurs. The Shampoo cleanses the scalp. The Conditioner after shampooing helps prevent breakage and strengthens hair from root to tip, visibly reducing hair fall due to breakage in two weeks. The Leave-On Intensive Hair Tonic is applied directly to the scalp, and works to visibly reduce hair fall. After just two weeks, hair fall is visibly reduced and hair is stronger from the roots.

Dove Hair Fall Rescue System price range:
Shampoo 375ml – RM 14.90
Conditioner 180ml – RM 9.90
Intensive Hair Tonic – RM 32.90

How to?
Serlahkan Diri Dalam 14 Hari Dengan Dove Contest

1. Go to Dove's Facebook and gives them a 'LIKE'

2. Go to 'Serlakan Dirimu' apps (https://apps.facebook.com/serlahkandirimu)
and start register.

Go to their apps and click 'Sertai Sekarang' button.

Then fill up your details and starts to complete mission for 14 days.

3. Upload photo or caption to complete one mission a day for 14 days

Upload your desire photo or you can choose to enter a caption to complete daily mission.

Next, always recap back your submission and then click send to complete one day mission.

After that, you have to come backs to repeats for 14 days challenge. 
It is important! Please do not miss out!

 After complete your daily mission, you can click 'Galeri' button to view your submissions.
Here's mine submission. I have 6 more missions to go. Hehe :D

4. Viola! You're done! Super easy right?
Now sit back and waiting for the winner announcement.

Here are the prizes to be won! Up to RM20k to grab back home!
Omo! I want!

First 300 contestants who complete at least 5 tasks in 14 days challenge
will won beautiful Dove towels for FREE!

14x Grand Prizes:
-Instax Share Printer, RM200 cash
- RM100 worth of Dove Hair Fall Rescue products

75x Consolation Prizes:
- RM100 worth of Dove Hair Fall Rescue products 

What you will be doing:

• For 14 days, complete one mission a day
• Share the completed mission via photo or caption
• A digital video will be created for participants based on their 14 days of completed missions
• To win one of prizes, participants have to share their personal digital video on their Facebook page. The more shares achieved, the higher their chances of winning.

Prizes worth up to RM20,000 await winners for this campaign!.
For more information about this campaign visit www.facebook.com/DoveMalaysia.

Are you ready to show off your beautiful hair?
Let's join the fun now! It's never be too late!
Good luck everyone. :D


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Monday, July 28, 2014

[Food] Basmathi Rice in Italian Food at Fuzio Bar and Ristorante

Bon appetite!

Eat is my life❤ I had a great pleasure of dining at the cozy lovely Italian restaurant called Fuzio Bar & Ristorante where located in the golden triangle of KL City, Jalan Berangan. I was there to try out the special menu by using Jasmine Puss Gold 1121 Basmathi Extra Long Rice instead of risotto. It was really interesting while also curious in a same on how Jasmine Basmathi Extra Long Rice blends into fine Italian cuisines to create a new traditional fusion Italian food. It must have been mind-blowing.

Jasmine Pusa Gold 1121 Basmathi Extra Long Rice

Jasmine Pusa Gold 1121 Basmathi Extra Long Rice is one of the longest grain rice in the world and also the hybrid varitey of Basmathi Rice that possess 100% purity, long grain, aromatic fragrance and non-sticky after cooking. The distinctive taste and enticing aroma has made Long Grain Pusa Basmathi Rice highly accalaimed in the national as well as international market. This grain is the top of the grade for Basmathi and is highly prized for its length and quality that yields aromatic, soft and fluffy rice.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

[Wellness] BottomSlim - Downsize my Lower Part

Hello everyone❤❤❤
Welcome back to my little space again. I am so much happy to seeing you all here, ahahhahaa.

Other than having a good glowing skin, the other main concern definitely to have a ideal lower body shape. I know many girls including ME hope to have the ideal tummy, hip and thighs; wishing to have a perfect figure. As for me....what I wish for is to have a pair of sexy slim legs like SNSD maybe? Hah! Just joking but at least is perfect balance for my body shape.

As many of you might know, although I don't think I am fat but I born to be a chubby bloat person. I still remembered last time having a great tea time with the famous Hong Kong's stylish, Christie Simpson; she told me that my body shape was hourglass body shape but if my bottom could be slimmer then should be perfect.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

[MakeUp] Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini

Beep beep❤ Beep beep❤ Annyeonghaseyo~❤

Recently was surrounding with lots of advanced birthday gifts that made my day everyday. Happy girl in a happy month, and not forgot to greet every Muslim friends here, Happy Ramadhan and Happy Raya Aidilfitri in advanced. Saw few of Muslim blogger friends did their Raya tag on Youtube make me wanna follow them balik Raya jugak nie. If can, remember give me some kuih raya yea, hehehehee....  ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╮

Anyway, today would like to take a review on a eyeliner set kit from Korea which is Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini (it's remind me of coffee lol). This eyeliner mini kit is filled with sliding gel texture in the retractable mini auto pencil. It glides on smoothly and gives high-defined eye line. Creamy and melting formula stays put all day long without smudge. (as claimed in description box)

This eyeliner mini kit has five mini different color of pencil gel liner and the shades are more to dark tone with glittery which is suitable for everyday use without exaggerated.
No.1 Beige Shine
No.2 Golden Khaki
No.3 Star Purple
No.4 Dark Choco
No.5 Golden Black

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

[MakeUp] Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF 34 PA+++

Olla everyone

Guess this compact powder won't feel strange for you because everywhere was talking about this; in commercials, magazines, online media and last but not least... many blog as well. While the heat still going wow pow, for sure I will jump into it. So yea... here's my version of review on Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF 34 PA+++ (quite a long name eh).

Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder has four different shades from #02 Nude Beige, #03 Natural, #04 Honey to #05 Sand Beige comes with SPF 34 triple PLUS PA. What I get myself is the lightest shade #02 Nude Beige to give myself a try and test on it.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

[How to] Eyeliner Styles 101

Hello chiga ~

This month I haven't properly written a diary entry on the site either. It's such a quite busy aka lazy month yet I am tired due to my enhancement's did (will reveal and share at here as soon as possible) while also had many pre-birthday celebration. Happy girl smiling and laughing all day long and becomes a good girl sleeping quite early everyday. Hehe... O(∩_∩)O~

Anyway, besides than writing review, I always find my best to do some inspirational or sharing post to letting my reader (is you guys❤) to get more information while also been inspired by me (I'm really hope so!). And I also found out that quite a large number of you guys hope me could share more about lifestyle too. Thank you for the emails or pm(s) where made me felt so much loves. I will keep trying to explore more about my life. (⊙v⊙)

Like the title written, today is all about ‘Eyeliner Styles 101'. Basically eyeliner makes a quite important rules in makeup. Imagine a model without eyeliner is just like maggi without msg I suppose. Right? Hahaha.... Eyeliner is one of basic essential beauty item that almost every lady would have on makeup collection. Eyeliner is the tool that makes you could have the magical-like to enhance your souls of window. All I could say, an eyeliner can change your personality as well.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

[SkinCare] La Belle Rose Toner, Marine Scrub & Masks

Bello everyone~

Last time I have introduced the good ampoules at my previous post (click 'here' to read). Let's still heat up with the good, I am going to introduce more of their product with one of their star product, rose toner, marine scrub and masks. I am super love with the rose toner .

If you're my instagram's friend, you probably saw me intro this product before. Yes! Like what I mentioned there, I start loving this rose toner (basically I treat this as a mist for myself) after watched what Park Bom did on a show calls 'Roommate'.

La Belle Rose Toner is formulated from rose extracts. It has light texture and refreshing rose scent yet it help to regenerate, build skin cells and to increase the vitality of the skin that is good to tighten up pores, provides smoother and softer skin texture. Its alcohol-free formula with Aloe and Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory, contraction and sedative effect.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

[SkinCare] LANCÔME Advanced GÉNIFIQUE Youth Activating Concentrate

Bonjour, Mon Ami ~

Currently many of you asking me why my face so glow and dewy in pictures. Merci du compliment everyone. One of my secret of radiance skin is the new Lancôme Advanced GÉNIFIQUE Youth Activating Concentrate, the little black elegant bottle that was highly raved by celebrities, magazines and many beauty bloggers. So this is my Genie!

Basically I am a fans of Lancôme since I was young because my mum using it and also been influenced by the famous beauty youtuber, Michelle Phan. I still remember my first Lancôme product was their signature Hypnôse Doll Lashes and then comes with their superb awesome foundation, Mat Miracle 24H Liquid Foundation. While not long ago, I'd started with their skincare, the new Advanced Génifique Yeux Youth Activating Cream (eye cream) (will try to do a review soon). Then Lancôme Advanced GÉNIFIQUE Youth Activating Concentrate (serum) was my latest addiction. I been using it for two weeks till now and am pleased with the outcome result.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

[Tutorial] Everyday Natural Makeup

Bello bello annyeonghaseyo ~

I'm back to another pictorial here. But first, would like to give a huge credit to my hubby photographer who helps me to shoot all these nice picture. He always did a great job and knows my face angle the best. Beside that, of coz! I know I am become prettier, lol. *just kidding

Anyway, thanks so much for coming back to M'sia just to celebrated my birthday in advance and helping me to submit all my overload picture draft post. Without you, my life just like a mess and felt so damn bored facing in front of camera alone like an idiot, hahaha. Thank you for your precious gold time for me because you probably just shoot for those big famous celebrities like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga & etc.... in your life. Hope your career grow big and bigger in future and don't forget to invite me to New York to stay with you arr, lololololol.

And not forgot to thanks you guys for listening me talking nonsense. Haha! You guys are always my motivation and keep building my fire of passion. Again, thank you so much treating me like your friend. I have no idea how to express my feeling to you guys. Maybe a kiss *muacks & I'll always try keep on hosting giveaway in future. (tons of gifts are waiting for you but just I don't have time to share, sorry >,< )

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

[Gadget] 24k Golden Pulse Beauty Bar

Minasan, kon'nichiwa❤

On my last post about my nose filler enhancement post (click here to read), I'm promised to share with you guys how to slim down my face naturally. Yes! Today I'm back to share with you one of my my current favorite beauty tool that can't leave without daily which like what the topic wrote, 24k Golden Pulse Beauty Bar.

Everyone hope to have a slimmer and sharper face, just same to me as well. Because I am born to be chubby, I always find a thousand way to archive slimmer and sharper face because my face damn round man! No joke! I hate my face why so round! It's looks like a ball in front of camera unless is selfie or someone who knows my angle best.

Other than diet to archive my goal, finally I decide to give myself a try on 24k Golden Pulse Beauty Bar aka Face Vibration Massager that was high-raved by many celebrities and medias. For your information, 24k Golden Bar Beauty Bar is not a new things in market. I already heard how awesome is this tool when I was small. No jokes! I saw how celebrities amazed with this tool when I was small. Yet I'm turning 21 soon, finally I got myself this product for a try and I absolutely love it.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

[MakeUp] Benefit They're Real Push-up Liner

Hoola my lovely

I'm back with beauty review. Think have no need to intro the recent super high-raved new eyeliner from Benefit. Yes! I am talking and do a quick review about this eyeliner, Benefit They're Real Push-up Liner.

Benefit They're Real Push-up Liner is the newest addition to the 'They're Real' family range and they're also introducing a luscious makeup remover specially for They're Real Push-up Liner called They're Real Remover.

Benefit They're Real Push-up Liner is about a re-designing eyeliner as a gel-formula pen with a soft rubbery-slanted tip that is flexible and super-bendy. The color is very jet deep black in color where you can easy to create blackest eyeliner with only one sweep.

Beside that, this eyeliner is fantastic for creating many different shapes of eyeliner for pro-use or dummy because it can create to control the thickness you desire. Not only that, the soft rubbery-slanted tip also helps to create many shapes easily; while can be pressed into lash line without hurting your eyes. It's also really easy for anyone to use as it bends and flexes with the contours of your eyes.

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

[Aesthetic] Nose Enhancement with Dermal Filler

Yes! As what the topic wrote – I got my very first filler treatment

Bonjour my lovely ❤❤❤

It's July now! Yahoo!!! I am really excited because is my Birthday month. You know what to do de hor?Ahahahaha.....  Somehow July is a busy month as well because am busy with many kind of stuffs. Yet also the most acceptable reason to persuade myself to get pamper.

The first thing I get to pampered myself is...... Yes! Like what am mentioned, I got my very first nose filler treatment from ME Clinic. I have never had any filler treatment before this although feeling wanna try to but somehow I am kinda scare because I have no example friends around me that had filler treatment until few of my friends did filler treatment not long ago. Then they try to tend me to do as well since I always want to try too.

Like finally.... I have nose!!! *FTW

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