Monday, June 9, 2014

GIFTBLOB APP - The Mobile Gifting Adventure

Hello fella~

Currently found and discover a new mobile application calls GIFTBLOB, is an mobile gifting lifestyle application to provide you with the state-of-the-art, highly interactive, user-user friendly and secure platform. To make it easier to understand, Giftblob is an application which enables mobile users to send and receive Gift via mobile.

I think this idea is great because I love sending gift to my friend especially I am not able to meet them during their celebration. Other than that, this concept makes my life easier by giving friends surprise and more fun. Everyone loves receive goods especially girls! So, guys! You know what to do?! Hahahaha....


Giftblob is a mobile gifting platform which enables mobile users to send and receive Gift via mobile. In addition it has abundance of other fun factors in Giftblob such as chat, surprises, sharing of Gifts, LBS and many more. It’s easy, fun and convenient!

Whether it is birthday, anniversary, full-moon, baby-shower, valentines, festivities, or simply for an act kindness, Giftblob enables mobile users to send Gift via mobile to another mobile user by 3 simple clicks and likewise, the recipient of the Gift will be able to redeem the Gift in equally simple manner; the recipient can simply walk into the Merchant and redeem the Gift or at the election of the sender, the Gift can be sent to the recipient directly.

In addition to the simplicity of sending and receiving Gifts, there are abundance of other fun factors in Giftblob such as chat, surprises, sharing of Gifts, LBS and many more.

How do get started?

*click image to choose platform to download

- It's fast and easy. Simply download Giftblob from Apple Appstore or Goole Play, or alternatively choose your mobile phone platform from

- Your Giftblob account automatically connects you to your Facebook. You don’t need a new user ID or password to start sending Gift.

Some quick simple steps of download and signings. Then, you have to request pin by inserting mobile hp contact into the list, then will receive a message and getting your pin. After fill the blank, your registration is complete and good to go!

Giftblob has six different categories for you to choose from that suits your gift and Pamper
- Coffee & Cake, Momento, His & Hers, Surprise, Fashion and Pamper.

After scrolling and select your desire gift for your love, you can send a gift now!

How to Send A Gift?

- After select your desire gift, click "SEND A GIFT NOW" and start searching your friend thru facebook platform.

- Then you just have to fill your some information needs into blank and confirm your payout via online bankin platform.

Choose > Fill the Info > Confirm > Pay > Send > Receive! Yes!! As easy as ABC! After complete all those steps, waiting good delivers to doorstep and then you just have to wait your loves calling/msg you telling how pleased and surprised she/he am. That all!!

Here's some reason why I love GIFTBLOB?

• Registration is easy. I just have to link my facebook to GIFTBLOB and then fill up my contact number and request pin number. That's all!! I don't need to open my email to verify my account.

• Only THREE simple steps to send a gift to your love. Choose > Fill the info > Pay.

• Easy search on Facebook plus with reminder of events like friend's Birthday and such important events.

• Secured and easy payment.

• "Shout Out" function which entitles you to shout out to your friends what you want!

Frankly speaking, Giftblob app is an easy understanding application. Steps are simple and the concept behind is meaningful. This application is completely FREE to download, available in 'App Store' and 'Google Play'.

So darling~ What you waiting for? Download 'GIFTBLOB' and start send a gift to your love tpday! Times has wait no man and so do Love too. Do it now before regret!

For more information, you may visit to: 
Twitter: @Giftblob


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