Thursday, May 15, 2014

[MakeUp] 费欧蜜娜 Ferrmina Charm Lasting Eyeliner

Hello everyone ❤

Wow! It's Thursday today. And now is already mid of May aka mid of the year. Times really like a super-speedy fire rocket that normal human like me can't catch with the speed. No else~ Say thanks to my laziness and slowness. It has been almost 8 months and still counting that I have no study and work in my life. Frankly speaking, talking about my life... I really have no clue what should I do for next? Continue my degree? Find a job? Open a retail shop or maybe online shop? Or just goyang kaki at home?

Even tho that I am always try to squeezing juice from my brain but I still really clueless. Sometime I am even feeling lonely and helpless. Guess this is the side effects of goyang kaki too much.... And actually I have always searching and seeking my answer by asking tons of people for suggestion about my next step and the answers never ever fulfill me tho. Guess one of my friend really knew my feeling well, said, "You ask me for such question and I think better if you asking yourself. Did my answer really helps you? Judge yourself!" 

Who can solve my problem? I should find one day lock up myself in room and meditating what I should really do for next step. Man! I am 20 years old right now! I not a teenager anymore and my behavior really immature. WTF!!

Paishe aka sorry and thank you so much for listening my bullshit here. I feel so good after typing all these and I feel my blog actually not become beauty zombie yet. But later on is still about beauty related, LOL.

Without future ado, let's move to the main objective today. *wink

yes? LOL

Yes! Another beauty review again. My favorite segment ever. Today would like to review on Ferrmina Charm Lasting Eyeliner in Black. For your information, this type is gel eyeliner from a Taiwan brand where has been sell at

Talking about the packaging, mostly eyeliner comes in a pot jar design pairs with a eyeliner brush pen and so does to Ferrmina Charm Lasting Eyeliner. A normal matte translucency pot jar design with black cover lid comes with a eyeliner brush pen for application.

The color of Ferrmina Charm Lasting Eyeliner is a jet black color and the pigment is good. The color can be archive with only one swatch. The texture is creamy, smooth and easy to apply. However, I found that this eyeliner is easy to dry up so have to be fast when applying. Besides that, this eyeliner is blendable so to who wanna to make smokey eye or dislike jet black color, you can blend using the brush pen provided, cotton tip or even using fingers to make it.

I have tried and tested Ferrmina Charm Last Eyeliner in Black and it does play a good job character as eyeliner. The water-proof is good, then smudge part is between average and high because it does smudges but minimal when keep on rubbing (I know I'm stupid! No one will rub to harsh whenever they're apply eyeliner). Although it's smudge but the best part is won't makes your eye turns to panda. It turns to flake and fell off.

So does this eyeliner fade off whenever curling lashes? My answer is yes but very very minimal. There's a tip for using this eyeliner when curling lashes is have to wait for eyeliner dry completely so the problem of fading will turns to almost 1%. Basically I won't re-apply after curling my lashes because I found that this eyeliner always still as blackish as I want. So... yea... I don't need to re-apply.

For long lasting part, Ferrmina Charm Lasting Eyeline in Black does a good job. I am totally happy with it. Guess this is the biggest pro of a gel eyeliner. As for removing, this gel eyeliner is super easy to remove even without the needs of specific eye & lips makeup remover.

In conclusion, Ferrmina Charm Lasting Eyeliner in Black is good. The price of this eyeliner is affordable and I will definitely repurchase in future. It will be better is the smudging part could be strongest although is stronger enough.

费欧蜜娜 Ferrmina Charm Lasting Eyeliner
• creamy, smooth and easy to apply
• long lasting and easy to remove
• quick dry

Color Availability:


MYR 46 / 3g

Made in:

Ingredient Highlight:
Aleo Vera Extract, Ceresine Wax, Mountain Ash

Where to buy?
Silk Apple 

" Silk Apple is a website who online shop who selling Echisse, Ferrmina and Reacheer brands. In case you kinda blur, the brands they carried are hot brands selling in Taiwan. They selling skin-care and cosmetic products in affordable price. "

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  1. really love how the color appeared, so pigmented and truly jet black :D

  2. Actually what your friend commented was really true. At the end, the answer is in our hand. Actually I also struggling in choosing my future path now. Anyway, hopefully you could make a wise and right decision.

  3. Yes, this eyeliner is good.
    Thanks Mieza. :)

  4. Thanks Diana. I hope I can find my real way to go asap.
    Appreciated your words here. *kiss

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