Sunday, May 4, 2014

[Tutorial] Macaroon Skin Base Makeup

Macaroon Skin Base Makeup

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I'm back with other pictorial right here. Do you have any idea with what my title or picture shown about? I bet most of you actually have no idea in this post. But TRUST ME! You will no regret if you're follow/reading this post till the end. Let's go to the topic.


If you're Gyaru-Gal wannabe or fans of Japanese's fashion beauty magazines like Popteen, Vivi, Mina and more.... Then you 'might' know this makeup technique. This makeup technique is quite popular in Japan and many models actually using this method.

Let's me explain more detail. When you see on magazine, you might sometime envy with their flawless skin yet non-thick and cakey base of makeup. Of course! Should giving credit to studio lighting as well because they always makes an amazing job. Either you apply with a prefect coverage plus superb highlighting or using this method, "Macaroon Skin Base Makeup".

Macaroon Skin Base Makeup can helps to create the most natural finish. But the cons of this makeup is not universal of all skin types. This makeup is only suitable for those who has less imperfection on face. This explain why not all models using this method because different people own different skin.

Macaroon Skin Base Makeup is kinda different with normal steps of makeup. This technique only needs loose powder / compact powder and concealer to create it. The important part of this makeup is to need a high-moisture concealer or else it might cake up and creates fine line. Concealer will acts like the filling while the loose powder / compact powder is the macaroons.

The first layer (base) is helps to smooth the texture of the skin. Then, the second layer (filling) helps to cheat from imperfection to perfection. Lastly, the third layers (top) helps to hold the makeup and prevent from greasing. With this method, this can create a very light yet most natural finish-looking. Forgot to mention, skincare before makeup on also takes important roles to creating this base makeup too.

Without future ado, would like to show you the steps of creating, 'Macaroon Skin Base Makeup'

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  1. super love pictorials like this Chency, do moreee!! I'll definitely try to spend more time taking care of my skin after this, you make me feel motivated ^_^

  2. Thank you so much Mieza. Appreciate your comment. I will try to produce better pictorial next time babe. :)

  3. nice pictorial dear..look like those magazines one!!!!good job!!

  4. loveeeeeeeeeeeee your pictorial! i dont have to buy vivi or mina magazine anymore! your blog is just awesome as that! <3

  5. Thanks Cindy! Your words make my day. :)

  6. Ello Sabrina, thanks for the compliments. You make me so shy wanna die. Hahahahaa