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[Event] Mary Quant Baking & Beauty Workshop

Intro you guys, my mama *muacks

Hello everyone ❤❤❤
Mother's Day is coming soon so would like to greet every mama here, 
'Happy Mother Day' 
*in advanced. 

If you're a beautiful kind mama, be the QUEEN of the day and lets your children serve you. And if you're a son/daugther, COME ON! Skip all those stuff and accompany your parents (papa also arr!) for a day. A days of accompany means alot for them. Are you guys already plan for the day? Better do it right now. ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╮

I have brought mama to attended Mary Quant Baking Workshop last Saturday. Nothing is even better than spending time together for a fun activity especially mama actually loves baking but her's time always peak with working and 'us' (mostly my little brother). Frankly speaking, sometimes I felt bad to my mum because she's the one who take places of my 'working position' because I never ever want to work in my family company. I know I'm kinda filial but no else... just... erm.... dunwan! 

Just want to say thank you so much for loving me so much and being so toleration! 
I love you mama❤ & papa❤ & my brothers (except the little one 'yes! I hate him hehehehe') ❤ ╮(╯3╰)╭

Better back to topic! We were making cookies craft on that day. Of course! Has a baking guru ready to teach and guides us on that day. I love baking guru, Miss.Suraiya (guru of the day) because fail level almost turns to 0% when guru was at there. Hahahaaha.

Bloggers and mums team up into group. Me and my mama teams with amelie and her mama. Hahah~ You know... babes always stick together LOL.

Here's the recipe of making cookies craft 
(24 cookies)

• High Ratio Flour (250g)
• Unsalted Butter (50g)
• Salt (3g)
• Icing Sugar (100g)
• Baking Powder (5g)
• Whipping Cream (15g)
• Vanilla Essence (3g)

1) Cream butter together with salt and icing sugar on high speed about 10 minutes until fluffy.
2) Combines baking powder into high ratio flour and stiff them together into a bowl.
3) Add vanilla essence into whipping cream.
4) Pre-heat your oven to 365°C.
5) Wait until No.1 becomes fluffy, add No.2 and No.3 little by little then mix well continuously.
*Do not over mixing. Stop mixing when No.2 and No.3 have cooperated.
6) Take out the dough and roll it into 1/2 inch of thickness, shape it and bake it for 15 minutes.
7) After 15 mins, take out from oven and let it cool completely.
8) Decorates the cookies with butter cream for better presentation.
9) Viola! You're done!

Another best part of baking workshop. Ingredients prepare well. *thumb up

Amelie's mum (left) cuts butter into smaller pieces for better mixing while my mum (right) adds salt and icing sugar into mixing bowl.

Of course! I got help oso de neh~ I helped to look at butter cream mixing until fluffy like cream.

Yay! My cream butter cream up. Then add No.2 and No.3 little by little, time by time into bowl and mix well.

When all ingredients has mix well, using a spatula to form a dough then take out for shaping.

Mama favorite part! Rolling the dough into 1/2 inch of thickness

Helping my mum to roll

Okay! I'm lie! I'm keep talking and playing all the time. ( ¯ □ ¯ ) 

Yay! Our cookies! I means half is mine. The half was Amelie.

Our creations. Happy mama and happy kid. It's time to let them be mature. Hehehehe. :)

Cookies!! Cookies!!(¯﹃¯)
*ps: I am hungry right now!

The part I wasn't enjoyed the most because not feeling well on that time.
But still have put effort on it. :)

Final creations! Cute or not? Yay or nay?

A final group photo with bloggers and their mama

Here's end my day!

Since Mary Quant is a cosmetic brand with has history since 1966 years, of course! There has a beauty aka makeup workshop too. I join the workshop on the next day after baking workshop with my blogger babes. Hehehe~ Beauty junkies always can't say no to beauty especially makeup! Lol

I believes majority of you guys have heard about this brand before although I've never feature this brand in my blog. BUT NEVERMIND, would like to share with you guys too my experiences during the workshop happen.

My bare face. My eyebrow are likes shit! I can't live without my fake eyebrow. Wtf!

Without future ado, follow me for a full makeup steps and tips
while also understand this makeup brand either u love or hate? You judge!

With Mrs.Takaki sensei and model of the day.
Thanks for generously teaching me makeup techniques. 

Step 1: Make up Base
Always prepare a face with moisturizer before apply makeup for a docile skin. Then, apply makeup base to face for a clear, soft and flawless natural finish.

Oil Zap is a oil control makeup base. This makeup base provides a dry, matte finish, as of you have applied powder. It helps to prevents makeup from coming off by controlling shine due to excess sebum. Also, it renders skin with a fine texture by covering up annoying pores. Recommend apply on oily areas such as T-zone.

Moisture Zap is a moisture infusion makeup base. It not only prevents dry skin with high moisturizing properties like a beauty serum, but also helps makeup last longer and creates a soft tautness and provides improved coverage. 

Step 2: Eye treatment and coverage
Always moisture eye area to prevents creating fine lines and cake up yet also helps eye shadow more longer lasting. Mary Quant Eye Gloss Treatment Eye Foundation is a pigmented in color so if you have less imperfection on eye area, this may helps you cover up well.

Eye Gloss is a moisturizing eye foundation. This foundation is for delicate and dry-prone eye area. It covers dark circles and dullness, and makes eye colors come out brightly. Can be use as eye base.

Step 3: Powder Foundation
To creating a velvety matte skin, powder foundation is the best option. Powder foundation help to controls the light and creates the ideal skin color, texture and three-dimensional appearance.

Smoo make is a powder foundation. Powders that incorporate ample moisture adhere ti the skin as if dissolving onto it. This foundation gently covers visible pores and dull skin color and creating radiant, firm and smooth skin

Step 4: Loose Powder
Apply loose powder with circular motion to creates a long lasting beautiful finish.

• Loose Face Powder is a finishing face powder. It helps to make your skin appear brighter and fine textured. The velvety corpuscular powder makes pores and fine lines less noticeable, look softer and even-toned.

Step 4: Brows
Brow is the most essential among all because brow is the soul of the eye. Draw your desire eyebrow shape for a energetic look

Brow Line is eyebrow pencil. With the special formula ensures the eyebrow pencil adheres to the skin smoothly and gently with a suitable firmness, enabling you to easily draw delicate eyebrow hair one by one. Brow Line is waterproof, resists perspiration and maintains a beautiful finish. It also prevents dullness and crumbing thanks to sebum and other factors.

Step 5: Eye Shadow
Add some colors to eyes either colorful or nude look. It helps to add three-dimensional to eyes. 

Eye Opener has a wide variety of color selection. The texture is a velvety and smooth.

Step 6: Mascara
Never skip this step if you wan a big eye look. Sweep a generous coat of mascara to build up your desire length of lashes.

Action Lashings is a lengthening mascara. This product is their signature product and also comes with wide variety of colors selection . The original two-sided Coil and Chip Brush, which features short raised bristles on one side, and the Oil Gel formula that gives mascara its elasticity, together create the sharp, spectacularly long lashes. 'Anti color-fading effects' and 'waterproofing effect' have also been enhanced, enabling the maintenance of beautifully upward-curling eyelashes and thoroughly preventing smudging on the lower eyelid.

Last step: Lips
Lastly, apply your favorite color of lipstick and top with a coat of lipgloss.

Lipstick is a moisture rich lipstick. It comes with 20 shades in Malaysia. The formula doesn't make your mouth feel stickiness yet high moisture.

Colorshine For Lips is a lip gloss. It comes with 8 shades. The smooth texture adheres securely to the lips yet add lustre and volume to your lips. It can prevents stringiness ad stickiness when the mouth is opened and closed. It moved with the lips when they make complicated movements, delivering a long-lasting and beautiful finish.

Here's my face after makeup. My eyebrow finally back!! Wuhoo!!

Definitely having fun on that day with Mrs.Takaki sensei and Mary Quant products. Thank you for being patiently teaching me makeup techniques. If you asking which product is my favorite, I should definitely hand up for their Action Lashings Lengthening Mascara. I love the design and payout effect making my eyelash won't clump and easy to apply. If you're interested then you should check it out as well.

For your information, Mary Quant products was sell on Muse by Watsons shop.
You may also visit their website as well, http://www.maryquant.co.uk or 'Facebook'

Not forgot to special thanks to Manoah and Mary Quant for extending invites to me.
Last but not least, few pictures should courtesy to my babe, Amelie.

End my post here. Bye guys! (╯3╰)


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