Thursday, April 24, 2014

[Event] Prodigy KL Redifine Official Launch

Where my party, pa- party
Party, pa- party people at?

Erm... Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog.

Three rules in my life principle; 1) Sleep Hard,  2)Play Hard,   3)Work Hard
Nothing gonna be much awesome without these three in my life. And yes! I am seldom sharing my personal life in my space but yea... in this post was gonna be my first nightlife post. Aww!! Is my virgin post. WTF!! Lol

Haha~ I am not a really clubbing person now. I used to mad love alcohol when I was fifteen and I'd stop after I seriously dizzy poke of alcohol when my friend's opening house party. That experienced is damn suck man! Now my life is pretty nerd, staying at home blogging, drawing, reading comic (Boy's Love... muahahahaha!) and playing 'Counter Strike'. But nowadays sometime I am going to party hard because is the best way to release stress.

Therefore, made a decision calling all babes to Prodigy KL for a party night. Of coz! Thanks to Manoah and Prodigy KL for extending invitation to Prodigy KL Redefine Official Launch. For your information, the club before Prodigy KL is The Butter Factory, so I bet party chiga would knows where the place is.

with babes of the day
Don't try to spot me. I'm not inside this picture becoz me shy.... lol XD

People are damn crowded on that night. Everyone starts enjoying the alcohol and music waves! 

Official launch during that night

DJ. Da Queen in the house! Everyone get cray cray

Sick rules #1 : Selfie and cam-whoring like no tomorrow
I want to stop writing now because below are all selfies and babes. Nothing much to write. Better use your eye and enjoys our selfie's production. LOL 

*some pictures are credited to Prodigy KL and my babe, Amelie.

Hope you guys enjoy our selfie's production although my face is everywhere, hehehe... Definitely can't wait to party again with my babes this Saturday. Again, thanks to Manoah and Prodigy KL for more invites for cray cray!

To know more events and happening about Prodigy KL, visit their


Phone: +60 3-2141 9998
Address: No. 1, Jalan Kia Peng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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