Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ninetology U9 X AirAsia Plane Livery

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I have finally tried myself drove a super long long way to Sepang Aircraft Engineering to celebrating Ninetology U9 Plane Livery Event of the partnership between Ninetology and AirAsia, as well as the "So WOW for all" campaign.

Ninetology Malaysia, the ASEAN mobile device technology company, announced RM180 millions in revenue with 12% mobile device market share in Malaysia as of December 2013. The brand also unveiled its strategy and key initiatives to further expand across the ASEAN market.

Beside that, Ninetology has established its revenue target of RM380 million by the end of 2014, projected from its expansion plans into Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, as presented by Sean Ng, Chief Executive Officer of Ninetology ASEAN.

Congratulation Ninetology has one more achievement unlocked!! \(^o^)/

Ninetology brand on AirAsia Plane.

interior of AirAsia Plane's design (front view of seat)

(back view of seat)
Ninetology banners were at every back of seat

Other than that, Ninetology also unveiled its recent AirAsia aircraft livery mark its ASEAN wide expansion plans and launched it's "so WOW for all" campaign which is an ongoing one year project to further expand Ninetology's reach towards users and partners in the country. Ninetology will also be investing up to RM5 millions, to increase its experiential centres to 9 other locations across Malaysia by 2015 as part of their expansion plan in country.

For the beginning stage for "so WOW for all" campaign, Ninetology is introduced four newest model, The Colorful U9J1, where has four colors option - rave red, classic black, fuschia pink and neon green  to choose from, operated by Android system with only RM199 retail price. *shiouting WOW!!

Ninetology X Air Asia team. Congratulation again *applause 

Four colors of U9J1 are featured by four different cosplayers on that day. 

Not only that all! 
Ninetology is also doing monthly giveaway (#9Giveaway) on every 9th of month.
Be sure keep on eyes if you're wish to win one back home.

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