Tuesday, April 22, 2014

[Food] Häagen-Dazs "Scoop of the Summer" Party

Hello Chigas

Summer is coming~ Nothing is even better than having a refreshing and cold absolute a-must summer treat. Yes! I am talking about my favorite all the time, ICE-CREAM.

Was invited to Häagen-Dazs "Scoop of the Summer" Party where the event located at a nice place, Luna Bar KL to tried their sizzling new summer scoop, the Häagen-Dazs Mango and Raspberry ice cream. The new Häagen-Dazs Mango and Raspberry flavor is bound to keep you longing for more summer sweetness. Its varied flavor and texture has inspired two limited edition creation at Häagen-Dazs cafes which are the indulgent "Luscious Midsummer" and the tantalizing "Tropical Passion".

Luscious Midsummer (RM32 ++)
Hot days never seemed so inviting with the Luscious Midsummer. Scoops of our newest flavor, Mango and Raspberry ice cream together with Raspberry Sorbet and Strawberry ice cream come together beautifully in a tangy treat for the senses. This luscious dessert is served with fresh mango slices and raspberry, coupled with crispy waffle, topped with chocolate leaves and a chocolate Häagen-Dazs plate. 

Tropical Passion (RM23 ++)
Spoon up the fruitest treat this season with Tropical Passion, a delightful cup of fresh mangoes and kiwi cubes, served with waffle cone and a chocolate leaves together with delectable scoops of Mango and Raspberry ice cream and Raspberry Sorbet.

Talking about the "Scoop of the Summer" Party, the team of mixologist serving two special bespoke cocktails, "Summer Secrets" cocktail and "A Pink Discovery" cocktail which available only during the night, which featured the new Mango and Raspberry flavor.

Summer Secrets" cocktail and "A Pink Discovery" cocktail

My favorite cocktail of the day was "A Pink Discovery" cocktail

Peoples are enjoying summer party waves on that day yet in conjunction Häagen-Dazs had another excited contest on that night where guests had to hunt for the a male or female model for clues. Winners can eat non-stop for 6 months supply of Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Congratz one of the lucky winner, Marianne Tan, famous YouTube actress who will becomes fat in the upcoming 6 months supply of Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Muahahahhaha.....   \(^o^)/

Häagen-Dazs "Scoop of the Summer" Party at Luna Bar, KL

Summer-beach theme

Häagen-Dazs ice-cream ambassadors of the day

Famous youtubers, Germani and Dennis

Sister bunch, yours truly, Ashley and Kelly 

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